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  1. This. After I started on another server I had to acquire all the BP with crafting level 50 again. I would like to stress that BPs drop fine for me- usually it only takes one exceptional ship to get the required BP. I would assume this is due to my level, not only sheer luck.
  2. sorry to hear that. Ever since the crafting update BPs started to drop like crazy for me . And I was the unluckiest person reagarding BPs since the beginnign of time. (10+ Frigates, no trinco BP before the patch, nothing )
  3. One Frigate. You'll have to take your actual CRAFTING LEVEL into account. Trying to get the Ingerman below level 35 can be tedious I suppose. It's far wiser to level up your crafting to 40+ , start spamming frigs then. BPs will drop like MAD. At lvl 50 I got Inger, Belle and Essex BP from crafting one ex Frig.
  4. technically, a tall ship of the line can have an edge in speed compared to smaller vessels with lower masts in situations where only a light breeze is blowing or ships are nearly becalmed. E.g. a 3rd rates masts reach higher, their royals are able to catch the slightest wind movement in heights a smaller square rigger can't reach due to lower mast height. I suppose this should be considered as well when balancing out ship speeds.
  5. I was referring to the fact, that an explosion may be very well the consequence of setting wooden ships ablaze.
  6. Tell that to the Achille or the L'Orient. I'm sure their skippers would have agreed on that matter. Oops----they blew up nonetheless...
  7. I never experienced trouble in extinguishing fire. I suppose there are different types of fires, depending where the fire starts and how fast it is spreading. So, always keep "survival" enabled and fully crewed as to achieve fastest fire extinguishing rates I disabled AI ships with by setting them on fire from bow to stern. This was possible because they had not enough crew to extenguish fire properly. They got the "fire shock" debuffIt all seems to come down to: have enough crew to extinguish the fire fast- and be lucky not have a fire close to your powder magazine, else---
  8. I suppsoe he's referring to the steam overlay Chat channel has a time stamp, though.
  9. I suppose this would need a giant amount of work to implement...not really worth it IMHO, although it would be an awesome feature
  10. hell, yeah, this is the stuff I've been waiting for! no more squishyness and wind force taken into consideration when calculating speed. In one word: AWESOME! Totally hyped now. but please don't remove chasers...rather give chasers to all ships than to remove a de-facto part of naval warfare.
  11. how will htis work out on PvE? Will it even be implemented there Concern: big clans will benefit the most from this system, small clans or even solo players will get their arse's kicked due to the link between labour hours and estates. Clan leaders might actually decide what's happening on servers then. I predict: this will lead to a great amount of frustration. do not give the fate of naval action in-game nations in the hand of a small amount of people. War and peace mechanics need to be set by algorithms balancing the game out and mantaining an equal chance for everyone.
  12. to stop basic cutter abuse there's only one way to reliably solve the problem without messing with engagement rules: free basic cutters only accessible by players with rank 1+2 repairs will cost gold for players with rank 2+ automatically supply players that have lost all ships with one example of a free basic cutter automatically supply players of rank 3 + with one example of a free basic cutter after char reset/server change optional: introduce a free (bad), grey speed trim version of the cutter that can not bear any guns for shuttle services, usable by all ranks and they sunk the whole Royal Navy with their row boats...in one salvo...on the open seas. Good point!
  13. Any word if you're having an updated version of ctrl+l on your wish-list? An updated tool would be awesome! Furthermore, devs would support themselves by giving tools to the players that they can use to single out inconsistencies and bugs
  14. this is true. You will loose all BPs, gold, ships and assets. Crafting XP and Rank XP are stored along your steam account and are not affected by deleting existing characters.
  15. true, it's hard to judge how NA'S difficulty is perceived from a complete beginner. Even harder to get reliable data if the game really is too harsh for beginners. Too harsh as in- will chase away the majority of interested new players.I sincerely hope that young'un will stay Back in the day when I fought my first battle against an AI cutter I lost, too. I stayed, 'cause the sirens were beckoning loud in this one. NA's class clearly shone through its hardship's. After winning my first couple of battles I was completely hooked. There's a great satisfaction in mastering challenges. I dunno- there might be more AI low level tweaking needed. But I suppose the battle for nebies might rather be lost in the current lack of proper tutorials and a proper UI department. Beating the UI is not a challenge granting lots of satisfaction
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