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  1. yes but an admiral or governor can grant pardons too no ?
  2. I hope one day they will add the possibility to change your nationality, for example - that nations have roughly the same number of players (you cant choose a nation who have more player than an other) - pirates can join a nation - maybe change nation for gold ? to pay admiralty ? more expensives for pirates ?
  3. What did u think about admiralty ? she will be able to forgive somebody when he became a pirate ? she decides the goals of the nations ? Diplomacy ?
  4. +1 but evrybody can have 5 mines ? depends of rank ? and maybe restriction about number of mines in one city ?
  5. hi guys ! i hope one day we can buy manufacures, mines, shipyard etc ... and if we buy this it can give us somme money ;..; or materials like wood, lingot etc ...
  6. +1 and if you leave an outpost u can send all your content to an other port vs gold
  7. For me the best was : little distance : 1h tp / or pay with gold Medium deistence : 3h tp / pay with gold Big distance : 5h tp only
  8. hi evrybody, i have a question ? why the boarding is too long when you have a big crew adventages like 300 vs 50 ? yous think it was réalistic ? and a last question for me when you shoot an other ship with ball, he dont loose a lot of crew ? so in reality you can loose more crew i think with the ball ? sorry for ma bad english :s
  9. ok thx no possibility to recover my ship so ?
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