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  1. 1. You are on PvP 1 with about 2000 People on it and that means you need more ressources because of more People. We are on Pvp3 with 300-500 People online, which makes a big diffrence, but the developers did race the production the same lvl on both Servers, which makes our Prices now very low. Example Port Royal Fir Log 30 Gold. No Reason to Ship hours and bring ressources in. 2. Are the European Traders not working on youre Server? You never ever have to pay more then 3 times the lowest Price (at a Port which produces this ressource). For Example, when our Prices (PvP3) where for Oak at 240 Gold in PR, you could have easily go to Port Morant and buy Oak for 165 Gold, I tested it, if you pay this Price your contract was immediatly fulfilled. I can not test it on PvP1 with the Eurpean Traders, because of no Money there, but try it and tell me if it works.
  2. Abercrombie

    2 Crafting Notes but Ship is still common

    I can say that I break up ships in a regular Basis to get the Trader Snow BP and the Renommee BP, but I can't be 100% sure that I used recycled parts. But if that would count in, I would want that recycled parts can be identified!
  3. Abercrombie

    2 Crafting Notes but Ship is still common

    Maybe you understand me when i use colours. I did use 2 Crafting Notes, which as far as I know should build me a blue Surprise, but what I got is a green Surprise. I know the upgrade Slots are random. For me that seems to be a bug!
  4. Hi, I just made a Surprise with 2 Crafting Notes but the Ship is still Common (Green). The other Ships I produced with 2 Crafting Notes, always were fine. Is it really luck to get it in Fine Quality? I understood that upgrade Slots are depending on luck, but the Quality also? Anyone else experienced this behavior or did I find a Bug? Greetings Abercrombie
  5. Abercrombie

    Where has all the Merc BPs gone?

    Strange for me, normally I am not the lucky one, but I build 2 Brig and I got 2 Mercury BP.
  6. Abercrombie

    Hotfixes for several annoying issues

    Just a Little example how stupid this increase of the Gold was: 2 Friends of me started yesterday playing Naval. Now we made Missions 1 (ONE) evening and they could easily buy a Constitution now, because of the Gold they earned. Of course with there Rank, it makes no sense, but Gold has no worth anymore. For me it should be a Target (The Constitution for example) which you reach, after a decent time. How about making another Kind of Server, the "easyone" you have all at the beginning, with 100 Million Gold, all Ships at the beginning and a Server where you have to earn those Bigships and be PROUD of it? .....