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  1. Lol even War Thunder is an easy grind... compare to Wurm Online... I find the grind in here is far sought.... but maybe some diversity on the missions.. in stead of the same old frigate. or 2 cerbs ... some variety in ships... or even an admirality order wich gives you some ai on your side and more ai on the opposing force... so you get a larger battle.... just spilling some ideas...
  2. Started playing since 7th of feb... and since then... 217 hrs...
  3. alien

    Ships report letter

    No problem, thnx for letting me know that it is noted and will be solved at a given point.
  4. So ?.. its the same for you as it is for them.. everybody can flip @ night time and noone can do anything about it when the timer hits it.. only way its fair for everyone. Not to mention that when its this way.. you always have on any given time a chance to cap a port, not like this that when you are in your timezone you need to stay up late or get up early to do a battle, wich is no fun at all. Oh and btw.. its pvp .. you shouldnt feel comfortable at all anytime
  5. Hi, i have noticed the following. When a ships report letter is posted in the chat i am unable to read it when my chat window is not on the center monitor (i have 3). As soon as i move my chat window to the center monitor then i can read it, im not sure why this is, but i thought i should let you know, maybe there are more people out there that have this issue ?
  6. Heres my 2 cents : Yes you can set a timer at your bidding, however.. when timer hits the next day and the port isnt attacked... the timer shifts lets say 4hrs hrs ahead. If the port again isnt attacked at the new set time ... then the timer shifts again 3 hrs ahead ... and so on.. and so on... the port becomes cappable at one point or another for any player in whatever time zone they live... problem fixed yes ?
  7. 1) During intense battle suddenly thinking why is my ship going so slow... then noticing its full of water.. and sinks.... In my defense : i have 3 monitors... and the indicator is on the bottom left... and can't be moved! (wish i could move it to my center screen so its more noticable..)
  8. By chance... did you log out and back into the game and then tried it ?
  9. Wat is er nou mis met onze taal ? (What is wrong with our language ?)
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