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  1. I am CaptainPerry CO of Naval Action on a Teamspeak community called Task Force Bravo, if your willing to join we got 11 naval action players, just join on ts.taskforcebravo.com on teamspeak. Good Sailing.
  2. Hello/Dear, Naval Action Community, I am CO of Naval Action on the Task Force Bravo teamspeak community, it is a small but mighty group of gamer's who play lots of different games from Strategy to First Person Shooters, to this. I am recruiting the mightiest Sailors out there, from 7th rate to 1st, we crush our foes and have fun doing it, we travel the seas. We have about 11 members for Naval Action alone, but more for the teamspeak itself. If you need information add me on steam: [TFB] Perry If your interested in joining the Teamspeak just type: ts.taskforcebravo.com Or add me
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