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  1. [sWE] Swedish Royal Navy PVP3 - EU - Sverige Ohoy! Recruiting brave captains to defend the Swedish crown in the Caribbean, we seek everyone from casual PVE/Traders to hardcore PVP/Grinders. Goal is to get to know eachother and take ports / events / pvp / pve / trade / craft + rank up while having fun. We started as a pure swedish speaking clan on the server made by some Naval Action swedish fans. But we made the decision quite quick to go international. 18 captains in our fleet sofar! //To be updated If interested to know more, contact us here on the forum with PM or ingam
  2. This is a real interesting reading about the Swedish Free Port - St. Bartholomew/Gustavia. I didnt know very much about this either as a Swedish/Gothenburg citicen, but I had heard some about it as a kid when we learnt about the Swedish East India Company here from my city Gothenburg and about the trade we did back in the days. And I also been to the Swedish Vasa Museum and also learnt some of Swedish naval history along with doin servicetime in the modern Swedish navy. So yeah, this is a extra real nice look into the history, especially from a Swedish perspective in the Carribean. Kronan
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