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  1. I'm guessing all the Russian speak is coming from the EU server? Many thanks guys. As much as I would like to join you I doubt the different time-zones would make it easy on me. I'm choosing the US server. As for nation I've narrowed it down to Sweden, Danes and Spain. I heard the 2 former are small compared to other nations and I kinda like the appeal of the underdogs. Now I just gotta convince them to take over PR. If not I'll switch to Spain and defend my island.
  2. Alright I've decided to buy the game. However I'm still not sure which server (PvP a must) and which nation to choose from. I live in the Caribbean so a US server is the way to go. But, there is no info on reddit or on here that can give me a lets say breakdown of total players and popularity of nation in the game. I'm trying to avoid the more populated nations so US, Brits, Pirates and not particularly interested in playing as the Dutch. So I'm left with Denmark, Sweden, Spain, and France as potential candidates. Would it be possible to get some comments on the amount of players for the nations on the US PvP servers and possibly the name of clans/groups for them. Also if possible to get a couple of screenshots of the game map so as to see the current nation balance on the different servers?
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