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  1. I should have made popcorn before reading this thread, darn.
  2. Thanks! Was going to cut the video into a bunch of short videos but I am too lazy
  3. Video of the port battle at Wilmington.
  4. Complimentary video of the battle after the port battle...
  5. I know schooners like the Lynx can brace very sharp. Just was using her as an example mostly. The ability to save sail settings would be very nice and convenient!
  6. Hi there. I would like to suggest the implementation of a feature that adds a bit of content to manual sailing, the ability to manually select which sails you set. For example, say you want to sail the Lynx as a fore and aft schooner and not set the square topsail. This would allow the boat to sail closer to the wind. Without the square topsail set however, this could affect the boat's sail balance which would cause the helm to tend to drift to a direction. SO, the sails you set would affect sail balance and the user (if he or she decides to select sails to set manually) would need to keep in mind which sails are set and how it would affect the boat's overall balance. Personally, I think this would open up a whole new challenge to the game which I am sure some players would welcome. Others however I am sure would not like the ability to have the ability to choose which sails are set. This would require a button which would switch on this mode. The button could open up a menu with all the sails laid out so one could just simply click which sails to set. Would love to see what people think about this idea!
  7. No merge! Leave the pvp servers alone. I play on pvp2 and would get a terrible ping if the servers are merged!
  8. Greetings, Just opened my client up and noticed everything looked a bit fuzzy... and it did! The game opened in a low resolution of 512x384! I would change the resolution back to what I normally use however I cant even get to the button to accept the changes to the graphics in game! I have already tried reinstalling NA with no luck. Is there a certain graphics file in the directory I can just modify? Thanks!
  9. I do now see the major benefit for the economy and shipbuilders. Thanks for adding this.
  10. I agree somewhat that there could be a limit to AI ship size a Pirate can capture. Of course, pirates would still be able to capture any sized ship that is manned by a player. Well, you gotta find a balance between historical and fair. With your logic, all the other nations except for Spain would not be able to sail a Santissima as that ship is a Spanish ship. Honestly, the Pirate faction on PvP 2 really does not work together as a whole. Sure, there are factions that have alliances but there are others who could care less about anyone except themselves. I can't speak about the Pirates on any other server as I have exclusively played on PvP 2. I am not trying to make the Pirate nation more privileged than other nations. In my opinion, it is necessary to find a good balance between historical and fair. On PvP 2, there are plenty of Pirates who are nomads. I see a few people who are very high ranks and refuse to join a clan because they like to move independently To address your final point, I really don't want to sail anything larger than a Trincomalee or Constitution. From my relatively limited experience fully crewing a 3rd rate, I find them very bulky and too much of a target for players in other nations -- and Pirates in your own nation. .
  11. Hi there. I have come to suggest the Devs consider allowing only Pirates to capture AI warships and merchant ships. The update yesterday (which brought some changes I really see myself enjoying) has made it so you can only send capped AI warships to the admiralty. Pirates don't have an admiralty and therefore should be able to keep all captured ships, not just merchants. Other factions in the time period Naval Action takes place did send ships to their respective governing bodies so it is okay for regular nations to only have the option to send a capped warship to their admiralty. I know people outside the pirate faction will see this as an unfair advantage however historically speaking, I am pretty sure this is how things happened. Cheers, theTopsail
  12. Yeah, I know some of the mechanics behind my idea could be difficult to incorporate into the game and I do see how it could turn some players away. They could add a basic form of this however. I am so happy to see someone mention a baggywrinkle, you have no idea!
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