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  1. In 200 years there'll be a 5 star hotel complex and marina, lets wait here until then
  2. Days had passed and the maelstrom had dragged our aged Brig far off course with no way to know by what degree or direction. Continuously tossed and rocked on waves higher than the gunwales. Steel grey clouds so burdened they had been dragged down from the heaven to rest upon the steel grey sea and cut visibility to only a few yardarms in all ways we could see. Bursting full of torrential rain which poured onto the decks making the wood sleek and slippery underfoot. We had a hull full of our entire worth that was needed in dock and before any other trader and this would make us a fortune we dre
  3. Admiralty store. New currency will be added and will be granted for PvP victories and successful port attack or defense. In its basic implementation players will be able to use this currency to buy rare materials and upgrades. Yeah this works perfectly on the PvE server, again we are a 2nd thought
  4. Hi, Please see photos for conversation, some overlap maybe present First I admit I was some part provoking the player calling him a d**K head and making a remark about marrying cousins as you can see he responded with a personal threat to rape and rip me a new arse. I think that is too strong a response. I accept any punishment I deserve but wish this to go to the tribunal Lisa-Azra
  5. What about the countless crafters that have shipyards in free ports. If they loose their holdings how many more players will leave the game?
  6. I have gone to enemy waters for some PvP fun and had battles with me in a Surprise facing an entire navy with 3rds and Conis. Puts me off from doing it again. Being gangbanged is not fun and what does it say for the nation that does that?
  7. Yeah lots of responses, thirty odd pages of them with a lot of complaints about NPC capturing and ganking restrictions. I got to about page 10 and gave up, I guess the developers will do the same. hence writing on this branch of the forum. Land in battle, looks pretty but has little realism on open world. After battle I sailed to the coast and came out of battle to find myself back at the battle start. I rammed a ship side on and drove him into the shallows and he sailed away as if nothing had happened. NPC ships, I would like to capture one because now they are super ships, they ha
  8. really? You expect me to waste 2 hours of my playtime sailing from home waters to enemy waters have one battle get sunk then sent back to the nearest friendly port and sail another 2 hours to fight again. You really think that will work? Lisa Swims With Sharks
  9. PvP3 Eu 2 server is dead in regards of a PvP server. A fall from over 1,000 players at the start of the year to 140, the figures say it all. Not gong into the whys or wherefores just what can be done. 1) stay the same and lose the last remaining 2) Me to transfer to another server. Not really an option as I keep xp but loose everything else. Cannot regain my boat as Post Captain missions are too hard for a starting cutter 3) Merge servers but this causes logistic problems with contended ports and maybe some people like being on a low populated server and able to moor outside the F
  10. Hi Galileus, Thanks for the reply. I did think the same but loggin into that server the player name on the PVP1 has all my current stats, rank and crafting xp. I am worried that if I delete that name I will delete my profile on all servers
  11. Hi, I play on the EU 2 server with a certain name. Due to falling numbers I looked at joining another server, both the PvE and PvP 2 servers (US) allow me to enter with my same name but when I try to get on the EU PvP 1 server it logs me in with my steam name, why?
  12. Yes I use this for other games, it is great and simple to write operating conditions for it. I have noticed it does tend to interfere with text typing. Although this application with voice acting can greatly enhance immersion in a game it does have one more noble application. It allows access to games to severely disabled people. Linked with eye/head monitoring software and soon VR a paraplegic person could play this game. Think what effect that could have on someone's quality of life? At the moment this game is not so adaptable due to the limited number of key-mapped commands and I have alrea
  13. Hi Walrus, Thanks for the hard work with the diagrams. I don't know if it is just me but I have not been able to manual sail any fore and aft mast vessel. I have tried all sail combinations and wind direction for both the pickle and privateer and with different sail combination and none cause either of the ships to change direction. Has anyone else been able to manual sail pickles or privateer/lynx? LA
  14. I thought they were a 'booby' prize. Yes, you fought well and you deserve a reward and tonight you get...................... a ship's letter hahahaha better luck next time I leave them on the wreck and watch them sink to the depths with such glee.
  15. An expanded keymapping, things like specific keys for full sail, half sail etc, also perhaps half rudder along with the current full rudder and expanding the [v] and [r] buttons to specific keys. The quick keys can still be used but this way the game controls can be easily connected to voice command programs which will then allow disabled people access to the game. There are eye direction software but VR compatible would be great for everyone including disabled
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