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  1. That's said by only one guy , don't blame all the other guys who are just stating the fact that this is a big problem. Of course this will be fixed , but this is a major game breaking bug tho , it should be fixed a.s.a.p.
  2. They should fix it right away , this is a game breaking bug.
  3. True. That's why I think we need Dutch ships, we still have ZERO dutch ships in a AGE OF SAIL game.... that's just sad. I hope the devs will put some Dutch ships in the game on their own , because we won't see any Dutch ships winning polls like this sadly enough.
  4. Yea it's real. I can't find any bp's of the ship sadly enough
  5. Not correct. The Dutch made this ship : Eendragt 100/106 (1703) Besides that , I think it's BS the Zeven Provinciƫn (1665-1694) can't be in this game which is a bit in the perfect timeline , while we have some ships in the game after the ''perfect'' timeline.
  6. I'm kinda sad that this game still doesn't have any Dutch ships in it. Next to being a world power for quite a while , they had the strongest navy in the 17th century. But somehow games like this never have any or only a couple Dutch ships in it, while it was one of the most powerful nations during the age of sail. It's a shame , because they had loads of beautiful looking ships. I still hope I can sail ''De Zeven Provinciƫn'' in the future , but I'm happy with whatever Dutch ships they bring into the game.
  7. I know that feeling... The only BP I ever got is the Renommee. I'm crafting a Exceptional Frigate every single day ( 2 friends put together most of the other stuff ) , and still no luck on a new BP...
  8. Nicely said. PotBS died because of all the night flips , loads of people where complaining , but the devs didn't listen because they didn't give a shit. I hoped they didn't made the same mistakes with this game. Apparently they didn't learn a single thing. Stuff like this will kill your game, sure...some people will enjoy it and just call everyone ''NOOOOOBS l2P'' etc etc , but most people won't enjoy it and leave the game. It's so sad , because this game has great potential. I hope they come with a solution.
  9. You don't get it do you ? If a starters area gets run over you won't have any new players joining that faction or even players quitting the game. You can't do shit against a clan with 100+ active hardcore members who are actively raiding your ports and blocking Capitals. Why are some people so stubborn to understand this ?
  10. No I don't. I actually tried to defend the port(s) But it was 25vs5 because all the other players couldn't make it , they got attacked infront of the port. Most of us tried to defend our ports , but they(the Swedish) had like 50/60 people outside Willemstad. The Dutch don't even have that much people online as a whole most of the time , and to make things worse they had help from the Danish/Norwegion faction. We don't have enough players to counter such an attack. People that wanted to help got ganked by Swedish players waiting outside Willemstad , so couldn't help defending while they took our ports. In the meanwhile , new players were complaining they couldn't do any missions and thus logging of. They can't do shit in their cutters.
  11. It's a great game and I enjoyed playing it till yesterday evening, because of the following stuff that happened. The Dutch on EU pvp 3 mirror got totally steamrolled yesterday evening by the swedes , quite some players left the faction already because our whole starters area is captured. ( Zoutman / Fort Oranje + 3 other ports ) First of all , please make the starters area(protected area) bigger so you can still do some questing if loads of ports are getting captured.(missions should actually spawn inside that protected area) People got ganked yesterday around Willemstad as soon as they left the protected area (20/30 swedes were waiting outside while a group of 25 kept on capturing other ports) , it's just stupid you can't do anymore questing around your starters area and get forced to log off because you can't do shit about it. Besides that it shouldn't be possible to conquer 5 ports in a 3 hour time span , that's just ridiculous. Please consider ''fixing'' these problems before it's too late and you lose allot of players. Don't make the same mistakes as they did with PotBS please.
  12. This. On EU PVP 3 the swedes(germans) captured all the ports around Willemstad tonight. ( i think they captured 4 or 5 ports tonight ) Some people allready stopped playing because of this , and others will follow on the dutch side if something doesnt change quick. It's stupid you can block off a whole starters area... new players getting ganked infront of a starters area because the first missions are out of the protected area ? gg tbh.
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