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  1. In several areas it was more forgiving, easy-going and balanced. But if @admin hears the right voices, the issues could be fixed and the game experience improved.
  2. First of all, I havent said that nobody is trading. Taxes can come from multiple sources (repairs, ships, upgrades, ressources) so not so sure about the current impact of trading in taxes. I only need to look at ports like santo domingo or puerto de espaƱa which are doing very little money when in the past they made millions due to trading. About your homer car. It is great you dont listen to everyone. Hope you have decided well, really well, who you take feedback from.
  3. Cause i wish a better game for the majority, same as others, same as you. Over three long years there should be no doubt of my motivations.
  4. Sad to see that mindset. Game should encourage diversity on activities (same as in ships btw). Havent you wonder why so many people dont trade anymore? Perhaps it is due there are other activities with a better ratio of profit-time invested.
  5. And probably permits encourage more pve grinding cause who doesnt like the endymion, the new model of the conie, bellona, christian or santisima?
  6. What about the potential risks of losing a lineship that costs 20-30cm, 7000-9000 doubloons and good amount of reals (depending on the upgrades equipped)?
  7. Im not playing. And honestly i dont think many people is playing with your supposed christian meta.
  8. Dont be unaccurate just for the sake of ur argument. Christians are used since they were implemented mainly due to their bow chasers, good turnrate, nice speed (buffed not long ago) and cause with elite spanish they were stupidily fast. Also dont believe neither bellona and christians as the most used ship since they are behind permits. My guess is that trincos, ratts and wasas are far more common in the ow.
  9. There arent useless only because of firepower. It is also about low hp, speed (prob the most deciding stat for raiders), mast thickness (the main reason surprise is only used at shallows), the lack of chasers (for example, essex). The hercules was so used because despite his lack of hp and its weird cannon loadout, she has the best base speed and turned amazingly well. It is not everything about firepower. Other stats are also relevant.
  10. I still havent seen the word soon. Also admin has stated several times they wont change the priorities.
  11. If you have all the time of the world you can do it, yeah. I thought port raids were planned for those guys with only 1-2 hours. Those rewards are very low for a group feature.
  12. Every feature has always had that problem since they switched to the hardcore mindset. I remember the good old days when winning a port battle gave you ton of money, ressources and nice upgrades. Is not better to actually fix content or balance the existing ships than adding new content?
  13. Zerg is also a mentality. Owning about 25% of the map is a sign of it.
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