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  1. How more conclusive proof is needed than 3 clanned individuals sitting in the middle of a fleet of pirates neither shooting nor being shot at does the devs need? I sent them the videos.
  2. You and I both. It is also why I initially joined PVP EU, after the wipe. I didn't switch to global until i learned my clan was there.
  3. Yeah it's a sad affair really. We COULD have a peak time of up to 2000 players in a single PVP server environment, but instead we're slim pickings on both servers.
  4. It wouldn't be so bad if the EU population would let the cool kids play in their pond. *laughs* Take a look at my one pvp server thread and how they whine still about port battle times and yet fail to see how it works both ways.
  5. I whole heartedly agree. I just feel that basic cutters should flatly not be allowed in any pvp fight period. You gain nothing from killing them, no exp, no gold, no pvp marks. You gain nothing from fighting with them, no gold, no pvp marks, no exp (tested this earlier, appologized to the guy we killed as a result as we did not expect a 0 reward thing. As such won't be doing that again, massive waste of time.) So you have nothing to lose, while your opponent has everything to lose? Yeah... that sounds fair lol. It would really be a simple change to the code: allow_pvp_no (yeah i know the line of the code is most likely not reading exactly like that) It's not to say someone couldn't go grab a 7th rate like a pickle, or privateer, or what have you and still fight, but at least in those situations both parties stand a chance to gain something.
  6. It's described and shown through the rest of this thread. It's rather obvious they are alts when they are sailing in the middle of the very people you are fighting and are: Not shooting the enemy Not being shot at by the enemy Not participating in the battle, or objectives of a port fight Leaving a fight when it starts to block out slots.
  7. Exactly, fight us on the open water, totally cool. Beat us legitly in a port battle, awesome. Win, lose, who cares, as long as the fight was legitimate, fair, and fun. Which a couple of things would ensure that. closing out this exploit for starters, and taking basic cutters out of pvp all together. You shouldn't be able to fight in a ship that has nothing to lose, and gives nothing in return for a fight. But that's a topic for a different thread.
  8. Listen Texas, yes, 3 slots is not all 25. We fully get, and understand that. However, 3 unaffiliated with the nation people earning national conquest to then be given to a rival is a problem. Why do you refuse to see this? That is one aggy from one port per 4 days, going to the enemy.
  9. If the game was further along than it is, I would go buy 10 of them right now since apparently this is seen as a legit tactic. Then I would just farm CP through blocking out rats specifically. Wouldn't be hard to grind hostility with that many alts anyway.
  10. Precisely. But again Texas, feel free to ignore the facts. Cause apparently one botched battle is enough to judge us by, and not the 1,000s before it.
  11. Because that first battle with Demic was before the Conquest change. There were no passive marks at the time.
  12. I usually like to try to stay civil and such in discussions here, but are you dense dude? Cause I mean it's okay if you are. Here lemme break it down for you. 3 alts playing the USA side tonight were involved in a fight against the pirates, where they neither fired a shot, nor were fired upon. Even though they were in the middle of said pirate fleet in the battle itself. Same said people then join the port battle and sit in there with their sails down and do not contribute to the fight. This thus earns them a passive flow of conquest points to then funnel back to the pirates that they are ~obviously~ alts of. It as well prevents three legit US players from generating CP from the same port battle. How on Earth you do not see that as an atrocious exploit and vile and disgusting tactic that should be a bannable offense I do not know. I suppose the only way for you to see how terrible such a thing is, is for it to happen to you in reverse. Since clearly you do not care for the health of the game and fair game play.
  13. Listen, stop saying "get good" and crap like that, it helps no one. We lost 1 battle to you. 1. If we lose every battle against you then sure talk trash. "Get aggro" yes, we have otherwise how did the port battle begin in the first place? After two minutes it still opens to everyone, and then those that didn't grind get punched out by the alts that are just there to exploit that mechanic. Is it you doing it, maybe not you specifically but there are people who are. Don't pull wool over your eyes when it is not happening to you, because soon enough it will and then you will have no legs to stand on to complain about the exploit being used against you. As to you "it's not a problem" so, why should you have a right to bitch about it when it does right?
  14. Oh just wait till the tables get turned against you and people utilize the same exploits against you to stop your future battles from being prosperous. Or make pirate alts to farm your cp and give to their own nation.
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