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  1. loving the game so far its great and can't wait to see more! Just a few things Ive found so far. I'd like to be able to mount smaller guns to the upper platforms of the front and rear tower there is space for them just you cant place them on the towers. Triple mounted main guns in various caliper sizes only fire two shells rather than three? only happens sometimes I have noticed. would be nice to have more realistic sinking animations as ive seen ships listing heavly then sit bolt up right when they do sink although im sure thats more an alpha thing than anything.
  2. The [Navy] Nederlandse Marine is looking for you! We are currently looking for new members to join us on US-server 2 for the dutch nation. Tweede-lieutenant upwards rate's accepted. Please post in dutch chat if you are interested and we ill respond as there is always one of us online. Our main gold is to get our nation to be one of the most powerful nation's in the land. P.s Free rum and grog for everyone who sinks a constitution with a cutter
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