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  1. Waffen of Trashburg

    Merge the nations!

    And also when u have more nations, u have more pvp. Problem is people prefered to make na pve, cut some rewords after rank M&C and we have more action in pvp
  2. Waffen of Trashburg

    patroll mission thoughts

    The whole idea is great a lot of action etc but, make something like u cant join to higher br side for other nations, coz its sick what happens there.
  3. Waffen of Trashburg

    Merge the nations!

    Hell no ! Prussia is not a big nation and we are able to do some rvr.
  4. Waffen of Trashburg

    New Book Fish Collection

    Yeah mate ! Should be also some upgrades for this, like "light ropes fishnet"
  5. Waffen of Trashburg

    PvP - opisy walk

    Cała flota pfk scigająca jednego surpa udało sie im mnie zatopić dopiero po 6 złapaniu na OW. W końcu jakieś sukcesy wielkiego PFK w pvp.
  6. Waffen of Trashburg

    PvP - opisy walk

    Zabawa z US Coast Guard