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  1. Captain Alexavier Frost reporting for duty Sir, if you'll have me of course. Another total noob, just got into the game today and am loving it thus far but I feel a clan would certainly boost the experience. For King and country.
  2. Loving the estimate bar. surprised you adjusted it so quickly. Bravo sir! I just jumped onto my phone to give it a go and may have encountered a slight bug that I thought you should be aware of. It may just be me but it seems that the whole map is entirely blue making land masses alone hard to mark out and no distinction between shallow and deep water. Hope to see more great stuff from you and hope this helps, Alexavier Frost.
  3. Have been trawling the forums for useful tools and tips whilst I save for the game and I can honestly say you've done a fantastic job. I can't wait to use this map to help me navigate on my adventures. The only things I could think to add would be perhaps a way to add waypoints and distances? I only think of these because of having to adjust course along the way with the wind changes. Hope you continue to make this map one of the best! Kind Regards, (Soon to be)Captain Alexavier Frost.
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