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  1. Wouldn't want to participate, but would watch the crap out of it.
  2. kumisz

    combat music

    Another Boccherini piece for the classical rococo music lovers
  3. If you are looking for that, History Channel: Great Battles of Rome has a neat system where your commands take time to reach the units depending on how far they are from you, and you have a set capacity of messengers. It's an older game and felt a bit clunky, but that feature was super neat.
  4. When I attended to my first fleet action with my clan, we were intercepted by a large enemy squadron (23 vs 25 I believe, we had a single 3rd rate, 2 or 3 Constitutions and various frigates for the rest). We formed a rather tattered line and the enemy fleet tried to breach it, but we managed to keep formation and the enemy attack broke after about 30 minutes. It may not sound much, but it was probably the most intense 30 minutes I spent in any game.
  5. Will the announced kickstarter shippacks be available only for the backers, or for all players?
  6. They will release the patch when it's ready. You don't want them to rush patches...
  7. But say me, as mainly a PvE guy, have an itch for PvP and decide to sail out to enemy waters, do not want to do so with a basic cutter, or a 6th rate. Or if a PvE-guy trader wants to sail to a far away port to bring some expensive stuff to trade, needs to be able to crew his indiaman without forcing him to do PvP to be able to do so.
  8. It's not black and white, those who mainly do PvE sometimes also do PvP, and vica versa.
  9. What is wrong with missions? I take a mission, I sail to the location and I know it will be there, and I know roughly what to expect. Reliable, relatively fast way to get to the pew-pew, that's why we casuals mostly prefer it. To hunt in the OW, you have to sail to enemy waters to find enemy AI, and in case you find a fitting enemy, engage it and hope no player comes across to help the enemy. Takes a lot of time, unreliable, and limited in enemy variety (I mostly see AI fleets consisting of 2-3 frigates, or 20 SoL-s. Not much inbetween). Let us play our little game. Wha
  10. Then what will happen to the existing Constis? Will these new ships be only available for those who fund the campaign? It would be good to hear an official statement for clarification of this part.
  11. Mostly good changes, but the removal of missions is a bad idea IMO. Sometimes we only have half an hour, so we just want to jump in and have a relatively quick PvE fight. I see why that shouldn't be required to building hostility, but it is not in the way of anything, it is just an extra option for players. They just need some more diversity in ships and starting positions. Why would you remove that?
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