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  1. It's allowed, and there are a few videos up. Here's one for example, though it doesn't show the garage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDfm1gKaNNY
  2. I got XP for damaging and capping too, besides kills. XP gain felt similar to the last weekends.
  3. Maybe this is the continuation of the ramming pingpong bug from last patch?
  4. The southern tower can (or does) fire about as far as the other tower is from it. So the northern tower could reach about half of the circles at least. Their damage isn't that great though, it took a tower a few minutes to batter my unarmored, half structure ship down to 0 structure to finally sink.
  5. Agreed, this is a big thing that puts War Thunder over World of Tanks in my eyes. You can grind with any plane you want, even the reserves.
  6. Oh, there are nasty stabs to be made against the Royal Navy too if that makes you happier. For example, (only counting KIA) they lost more sailors in the Battle of Jütland (1916) in 12 hours than in all the big fleet battles during the 23 years of napoleonic era combined.
  7. You probably shouldn't worry about immature people. The slow pace of the game turns them off rather quickly from what I saw so far. And the game devs and moderators are not known for their patience with trolls, which I am very thankful for.
  8. Closed Beta Test is only open to NA owners. Eventually, when the closed beta is over, it will be a separate free to play game. The original testers will probably get some gift (nothing confirmed, just speculating) for the testing, but they will have to unlock the ships like anyone else.
  9. #1 map encouraged close quarters combat a lot and wasn't as awkward to sail into and out of the fort circle as #2 (more on that later). I think it was because the circles were closer together, and the teams always wanted to push the enemy away from their circle, combined with that when the teams approached the hotspot of the map, the area between the circles after spawning, they were more or less in broadside position to the enemy, so the fighting broke out early, which (combined with the wind driving the ships away from the landmass) made the match flow much smoother IMO. #2 map is a little more awkward in my opinion, as the wind points towards the fort, everyone makes a run for it (the southern team is at a disadvantage as they have some shallows between them and the fort so they have to sail around it either from the south, then spend some more time getting back around the shallows, or they have to run for the north side of the fort circle and cut off the enemy team there, which is pretty hard if the enemy is determined to take the circle too), and the wind eventually drives the teams into the landmass, or south of the landmass where only the southern team's circle is within reasonable reach, again, putting them at a disadvantage. #3 map I haven't seen yet. Other input: please do something about the AI running into shallows, and getting stuck on irons, turning back and forth upwind while reversing because it drives them up the islands. I saw a ship with the keel halfway out of the water! I know they are a temporary measure, but still.
  10. IMO the previous version, where the names were always showing, was more useful, and it didn't clutter the screen too much. It's really easy to mistake enemies with friendlies without name tags, as the flags are not always visible (sometimes they are hidden behind the sails or other ships' sails).
  11. Now there definitely is mast hit marking, at least with chain shots.
  12. Wouldn't want to participate, but would watch the crap out of it.
  13. I doubt you spend "very little time" playing the game because of the 5 minute queues. If you run away of course, that's another matter, and only your fault. You probably lose that many guns because you let the AI rake you. You rarely lose guns from side hits as long as you have armor. The AI misses plenty of shots, either simply misaims or hits waves. They use medium cannons, so it's not that hard to hit a target even at range. Nothing a decent player couldn't do. And they will penetrate if you are sailing 90° to the enemy.
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