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  1. I prefer new damage model. 1st rates stoped feeling like frigate food and are quite scary now - just like they should be. And now I have reason to fully gun my ships instead of using smaller guns for dps.
  2. Damaged/destroyed pump/rudder icon tooltip should inform if module is operating in limited capacity. The way its worded right now may make player think that having less than 50% of module hp has no negative impact.
  3. Great idea. We could also use section fire where instead of firing single gun you fire whole vertical section, just like rolling front/back but in manual.
  4. Instead of "water line" simply Focus fire / Concentrate fire, together with current aiming reticle behaviour should be more readable to everyone.
  5. And how those leaders are supposed to enforce any sort of rules? There are no actions you can take against member of you'r nation other than not helping him in any way should any help be required.
  6. Sure, Aganemnon and Bucentaure are of no use to any PvPer, totaly true.
  7. Right, sorry, higer missions are only for fleet.
  8. Had this problem, seems to be a bug. Left port and reenterd, list fixed itself and was able to scroll all mission levels.
  9. 1) Get mark conversion BACK! 2) No GPS is fine but get us some navigation tools (Silent Hunter like?)! For now I'm back to 3rd party screen protractor.
  10. 1) How long combat orders stay open now? 2) How long battles against NPC (attacking fleet or trader in OW) stay open? 3) How long PvP OW battles stay open?
  11. Not in my case. Got no assets from Cayo del Anclote nor from William's Bay. Don't really care for most of them, but lost blueprints stored in Cayo.
  12. It seems that no assets were transfered that were stored in Free Towns in PVP3EU and besides capital those were places where most assets were kept.
  13. The most annoying thing in this patch is NPC ability to turn at 0 speed. Destroyed all masts on 3rd rate including bowsprit and it could still turn for broadsides. It was slow but fast enough to make turn and fire on my bow as i was going for the rake and to turn the other way and fire on my stern as i passed it. It's turning got slower and slower as I killed the crew but it was still impossible to park at it's stern when it was down to about 150 crew.
  14. Wrongway, you need 61 men to load all you'r guns at the same time.
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