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  1. Here are the silly phrases arriving ... It is a pity to see that when a nation gets organized and gets to the point that each of the different clan leaders choose a representative for their nation by leaving each their equals in the corner, some allow themselves to ask whether a president is elected by the people or whether it is imposed. Lord Drax is the elected representative is chosen by the American players and we respect his decision. Designating a leader does not mean he has absolute power the american senate is there for that. In the end Lord Drax has managed to do what other nations ca
  2. Souvenirs souvenirs (Memories memories in baguette words), I pass you the link for the curious on the French sides of the battle (Liquicity will understand some of my words ) but it reminds me especially of tactical mistakes on my part in the lead of the battle ... Finally this time is gone now... In God We Trust
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