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  1. I may be in the minority here but at first I loved how this game really did focus on historical accuracy and still very much appreciate it. But in terms of game play - I am a casual gamer and don't have a ton of time to invest in this game (I already spend too much time trying to play as it is). I think the more this game changes as being "realistic/historical" the more you are pushing me and people like me away. Yes this game is a niche market and there are people who have the time to blow on this game. But I am willing to bet if you don't make this game a little bit more like a game then you are going to be severely limiting the player base. At the same time I am very much glad that this game is not swinging to full arcade mode - but this suggestion and even the recent damage module patch almost make this game unplayable for me because the time it takes to even have a 1v1 is the entire 1.5 hour time. I would be glad to go more in detail with this if anyone wants me too. Thanks and take care, -Skyhye
  2. I am still fairly new to the game (Post Captain). To me PvP in this game is a lot like fishing... never know where or when you will get a bite. Why not try moving on to other areas if your looking for a fight? -Skyhye
  3. I just played a flag captain fleet missions with some mates last night and not only did the AI ram my mate in a 3rd rate but it gave a full broadside to him too. It was like the AI couldnt figure out we were there and tried to run/shoot through us to hit an enemy AI on the other side of us...
  4. Hello everyone, I am going to try to get on the TS server tonight if possible (never know with my little one) and confirm that I am a good fit for this group - I am excited and hopeful that I am (here is a link with my "bio" http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/10034-new-gb-player-any-server-lfg/)
  5. Thank you this was actually very helpful. Wish I had this a week or so ago so I didn't have to ask about 20 twitch streamers xD.
  6. Hello, I would like to find some a clan or group of people to play with. My time zone is PST and I usually play from about 9 PM - 11 on weeknights and about 9 PM - passout on weekends. (though my hours are fairly random and I cant get on every day). I have played this game for almost 30 hours now. I have gotten to rank 2 on US PVP 2 (higher population us server) and am about half way to rank 2 on EU PVP 1 (higher population EU server). I currently am playing GB but in order to play with a group of people I am willing to switch factions and start over. I am still learning the game but have watched + read at least 50 hours of "training" in various aspects of this game. This game is very fun but I find it much more so with other players. P.S. I am 25 years old and at the moment only play this game and World of Warships. Thanks and take care, -Skyhye (Edited for more information)
  7. I have only played this game for a few hours but I can give you my 2 cents. All battles just look like white crossed swords but if you get close enough to click on them - if its your battle it should say something like admiralty orders. As for not being able to join other battles I could be wrong but I thought in the recent patch you have to either join the battle solo or join as a group... not just hop into random battles... either I could be totally wrong or maybe this is specific to only some battles. I was also unable to join battles last night - other than my own anyways...
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