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  1. This is always the case for PVP games that have power creeps connected to grinding, its also one of the things that keeps PVP centered MMORPGs niche market. I think back to darkfall, that game was such a wonder to play when Darkfall 1 first released and the server was rather close to each other in terms of leveling + skill. Said game had tons of skills, no skill cap so what happened? People power leveled, got OP, rekted everything, which made all the other PVPers go into PVE grind mode. The grind was so long for new players coming in that they refused to stay after they have been ganke
  2. Games that are PVP oriented have no business being grindy, its stupid. They should of handled levels/ships/ect/similar to have Eve handles it and make it time based.
  3. I really don't know how they are going to fix port battles. If you remove the ablity for players to sail their own ship in a port battle, and they get a pre-determined ship, that would basically make having a 1st rate rather useless, as what are you going to use it for? The BR thing can be probmatic as well useless you can figure out a way to calculate it before a battle. It would be totally stupid for a fleet to arrive at a port and all can't get in because they couldnt calculate numbers propertly. I personally think they just need to teir more ports, such as swallow, deep, regional c
  4. Maybe we should change it to The 3rd Rate in honor of the ship in the game... Yes we could be the 3rd Rate
  5. This is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard from an admin on any game. First off the reason people are reporting the name and clan is because they are losing in game and that is the only way they can fight back. 2nd, the clan has always been stars and stripes which the abbreviation is SS. SS was an American clan which went pirate, thus its clear as daylight that SS is anything but Nazi related. its patriot if anything and US related.. It has nothing to do with anything Nazi and just because something is similar doesn't make it so. You are punishing a clan by forcing a name change based
  6. Well that was a fun night, so many US ships at the bottom of the sea.....
  7. Though this whole drama thing has inspired me to come back and play so I can help the SS crush the US nation
  8. awful idea, will produce more grinding and grinding kills the game. Instead hiding ships behide a grind, they need to hide them behind huge cost or rare resources, they have think of many ways to make ships rare without forcing people to grind.
  9. How about no, certainly not until they fix faction imbalance to keep the zerg nations from camping a small nations 1 and only port. You may not see how awful this is for the game because you likely play on a zerg faction, but if you ever played a faction like Spain on PVP2 where you had more ships camping Havana then you had total spainish players in all, you would know how suck this idea is.
  10. I'm about ready to be done with this game because the dev team is willing to ruin the game to force a stupid grind on people. NEWSFLASH, no one wants to do your stupid grind, its awful, everyone hates it, and it drives people out of the game. You can't find time to fix nation imbalance that drove PVP2 off a cliff, but you can somehow find time to remove reinforcements that leaves new players in a bad position just so you can put a stop to people who attempt to power level the grind. You really want to force people to invest their lives into grinding don't you? You know wh
  11. Alot of people have fled PVP2 for PVP1 which has a healthy server population.
  12. I support this, if anything will kill the game its having low population
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