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  1. French took OMG in, so while obviously very low, they do have some standards.
  2. Pirate, Buccaneer, Privateer... We make murder and merry for coin and quim, don't complicate it with politics. Actually was some debate as to where we were going. French ponied up the most coin and we had some things to sort out with the black brethren, so here we are. Now as for Spain, senoritas and mojito's do have more than a passing appeal in truth, and Spainish coffers run deep by all accounts, maybe we should send an emissary to make a pitch.
  3. So good! Anyway, he kinda does have a point, we have not seen you lot since Aves. Where is SOB fighting now?
  4. This is what happens when he runs out of chit to shoot at. Won't someone think of the children...
  5. Danes and Swedes can work it out, until then I putting the murder to every Brit I can east of Haiti. I would council that they Swedes set the timer on one port at a time, cause Brits are even less trustworthy than pirates on this server.
  6. I don't really think they care about the Danes Bach, these clans are the "second stringers" of the British war machine that don't have the chops to fight the freedom zerg, but still want to feel like they are pvp'rs. I don't care myself, I would rather be fighting Americans in truth, but as I said before, Hati a much closer sail for us than Florida.
  7. Why is it always about food with you?
  8. I personal welcome our new Feline empowered overlord of OMG. Bout time we decided something without have a drink off followed by a stabbing round here. All kidding aside (and that sure as hell was a joke Renown) open pvp, ganking, extorting are all parts of games like this, you work with your mates or you die alone, just how it is.
  9. Ya, I told some Brit that earlier Teutonic bout the Danish ports. I pretty sure they just hunting low hanging fruit thou and not really concerned bout the Danes.
  10. I had some Brit try and tell me they were taking all these ports in PR and northern isles for the Danes. They just scared of Freedom Zerg and want to scrape bottom of barrel. Is ok, I kinda am too... But there like 16 Borkers total, stiffen those pixels lads and go fight yanks.
  11. Aydze is Murphey Law, infamous only for his own poor skill set and second only to Margret Bonny when it comes to pvp based tourette's, were it me I wouldn't bother responding to the kid mate.
  12. *shrugs* I barely left the Bahamas mate, so I not sure where you getting your info from but its flawed. If you want to fight, just come on over, as far as I am concerned any Union jack east of Haiti is fair game. Thou, if the Brits keep coming down to fort royal and shooting French I am going to return the favor and start haunting the windward passage again. For as far as what port starts with what nation, the French have a claim to all of Hati, thou don't have the population to need it or hold it, and truth be told, would rather be fighting Americans if you bottom feeding Brits would shove off.
  13. If they want a fight we will have a tussle. All this crap about why is just that. If they wanted a real fight they could be balls deep in Americans. We will do what we can, but they have a clan down here for every bork playing I think. Should be fun, least for us.
  14. Prolly, I get sunk all the time. I sink way more players than I get sunk thou, so I have plenty of company on the bottom.
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