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  1. I get disconected every 5-15min on high seas. I am 100% sure its not my internet.
  2. If game encourages variability in game modes, people are less likely to get bored of the grind
  3. I agree. I'd rather have rewards enhanced tho.
  4. You can leave after 30min without losing dura. Which I don't find to be too good. Stall for 30 min, Leave, ??? Profit? True.
  5. Im fan of pvp. I have done many small battles and I haven't lost one yet. In this thread I will explain how and some of the problems. -Less and less people are queueing up. It's easy to see why. - There are no rewards for risking ship === exp and gold is horrible. My best score was 4 kills and few assists, which rewarded me with horrible 320exp. This was after the patch that increased pvp exp. http://imgur.com/a/2kIF9 ^ Best battle so far. Everyone sunk and I almost lost dura as well. However In most of battles people just flee to not lose dura which makes rewards even waaay worse.
  6. It was actually very close battle. If english sunk 1-2 more ships, pirates would never had gotten 3/3 BR
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