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  1. after playing, thought the doubloon drop may have been a bit too generous, but after seeing that some ports are now accumulating hostility has a natural affect of players actively hunting traders near enemy ports, the realm v realm aspect seems like it could naturally come back into play has a result of this change. So still looking like a good change imo
  2. yeah i'm not sure if i'm right to be honest, kinda just spit-balling, but a certain amount of carrot on a stick is required to keep casual players engaged. For me, finally getting to try a 1st rate was my carrot on a stick from which now the RvR interest me alot more. I understand people point that 1st-4th rates to such extent should be a rarity, and i think by adjusting how labour hours work alongside labour contracts could help to keep it so. Previously Labour contracts & doubloons in combination with each other put such ships quite out of reach for casual players. But if a casual player was able to combine a weeks worth of labour hours into building a 1st rate, on top of their weeks work effort of sinking trader ships for doubloons. they could to some extent field at least one 1st-4th rate every 1-2 weeks and given their are 52 weeks in a year, i think thats a respectable rate for a casual player to obtain such ships. If wanting to make ships matter, you could get really draconian and have it so that knowledge slots unlocked for a ship only remain if that ship stays afloat. This could give more attachment to a ship. If wanting to maintain a doubloon sink, give players the option to unlock knowledge slots on their ships via doubloons alongside grinding. If you lose the ship, you lose the knowledge slots and thus must either pay to open them via doubloons or grind them out again in that ship. Price the cost of opening such knowledge ships based on class. This would also stop DLC ships being throwaway ships too, and also make sailing a 1st rate with all knowledge slots unlocked a costly venture compared to a 5th rate with all its knowledge slots unlocked via doubloons or experience gained. Knowledge slots imo are no more than the crew of that ship either being trained or gaining experience, once that ship is lost so is the crew for the most part. I think if ships are to have a feeling of sentiment, the knowledge slots should be lost when the ship is lost, and regained by combat experience or training the crew via doubloons. Overall, with more sailing games coming onto the market, being slightly more casual and less grindy will always win out, and instead get people concentrated on the RvR, so tbh, i'd prefer it less grindy. The argument can always be made that if their are more 1st rate about, there are more getting sunk and so people will result to 7th-5th rate ships to work towards replacing their 1st-4th rates. atm. 1st rate getting sunk is a rarity since not many are in a rush to use them.
  3. I think the increased rate in drop of doubloons is a good move forward, since it was acting has a bottleneck for casual players to get into bigger ships, from which they can now particapte in the RvR more. Given the admiralty requires alot of doubloons for Books, Refits and such. This will also put alot of stuff within players reach while also lowering the price a bit of some upgrades/refits on the market. Overall its a good move, perhaps not to the player whom plays the game heavily, but if wanting to entice casual players & allow them to reach other aspects that the game has to offer its a good move. The only bottleneck that seem to be remaining now are strategic resources like copper, wo, teak and so forth for those more exclusive upgrades and still keeps the RvR interesting. But with the increased rate of drop of dubs, there is no harm or great feeling of loss if wanting to build a sab/sab 1st-4th rate ship & taking it into a patrol area for some fun. If wanting to keep the pull factor for patrol zones, perhaps paint jobs, upgrades, books & drops of rare resources via trade ships may be the way forward? But i think the rarity of doubloons was perhaps hurting to much of a wider player base. Even for most casual players. If wanting to limit the amount of players in 1st - 4th rates, then perhaps a slight decrease in drop rate of doubloons would be needed, or labour hour requirement slighty increased that require some extra dubs or days to accumulate said labour hours. So a player can accumulate the labour hours over a period of 7 days to build a 1st rate or force it through with labour contracts. This would benefit the casual player whom can accumulate the labour hours easier while the hardcore player would most likely invest in alot more in labour contracts thus sinking more doubloons into it.
  4. AgentGB


    I've been thinking about this, and how it could be simulated. If crew worked somewhat similar to labour hours, in the sense you had a certain amount trickle in over an hourly period, this would make rum more vital while at the same time crewing at sea/open world also less of a exploit. Since really you should have to atleast dock up to re-crew your ships and rum should be the only alternative to repairing crew at sea & not just in battle. When it comes to the mutiny aspect, i think if something was to be represented as such, it should not entirely be called mutiny, but more a focus on retention of crew instead. So higher wages for crew will lead to a higher trickle of crew over an hourly period to be recruitable then if you paid them a lower wage. So if you're taking a 1st rate into a patrol zone, killing alot of players but losing alot of crew, or you're a requin focused on boarding, but losing alot of crew to boarding in the process, your choice of replacing said crew will either be with huge stocks of rum at sea or paying more in wages to increase hourly trickle of crew to be obtained at port. Thus limiting ability to raid at sea unless carrying a good amount of said supplies or having to operate within range of a port which then perhaps begins to involve the realm v realm aspect on importance of ports. If wanting to get really draconian with such a mechanic, rum could be automatically consumed per day at sea aswell has being used to repair crew. Lack of rum while at sea will result in loss of crew to manpower pool (crew at port) or perhaps reduced abilities, e.g longer reload time, lower morale etc. This could allow for some more thoughtful play if trying to deter an enemy force from entering a port battle or blockading a capital port, attempting to run down their rum supplies at sea by standing each other off to make them return to port, and allow for logistic roles of ships carrying supplies if campaigning far from a home port. Like any retention in a business, if you paid a low wage, and with employee turnover you may be operating at 500 employee per day, to simulate employee leaving and coming, if the wage increased, that business will improve their retention increasing the amount of employee they're retaining per day. Overall, this should give new players a more cost effective & forgivable means of crewing many smaller ships and being able to lose them alongside said crew while also adding an extra cost to more experienced players in crew heavy dependent ships whom will have to take into account their crew numbers at sea, hull space for rum rations or ability to operate away from port without being able to obtain crew from their daily reserves if not dependent on rum. If wanting to really focus on a mutiny aspect alongside retention, There can be 3 edicts that can issued weekly or daily, for example of the top of my head. High Wages - Morale Normal - Retention of Crew (daily cap high) Low Wages - Morale Normal - Retention of Crew (daily cap normal) Floggings - Morale Low - Retention of Crew (daily cap high) Could also make Crew supply & Labour hour supply one of the same thing giving it a correlation to give more focus on the above edicts. Economy wise, think it will allow new players to get into the rum making business and be able to distribute to a wider spread of port. Foreseeable problems or advantages depending on how percieved, or how it could affect player behavior, non-capturable free-ports will gain more emphasis has ports to raid behind enemy lines with
  5. AgentGB


    I think during the age of sail, pay for sailors was always relatively low, which is surprising considering it was a job the required a certain individual who could endure months at sea in a cramped space with others, to be highly trained & capable at their job and most often resulted to recruiting from other nations to fill roles. HMS victory itself had sailors from France, Spain as well has England manning it. I think what was the major pull factor for such individuals was the promise of prize money and why capturing was preferred to sinking. The men including captains would get quite upset if they entered into battle & were unable to capture a prize, there are many reports including from Nelson of his dismay of being unable to capture a prize, even accounts of captains pawning their own possessions to see that their men were adequately rewarded in the event of a loss of a prize. Of course there are other such combining factors has you mention and the Sid Meier games focused on the former, that sailors not given their fair share of prize money after taking prizes would become uncooperative, but voting in new captains was more of a pirate thing, on naval warships run by nations, there was a lot more discipline, so would most likely result in that ship losing experienced hands once back at port for other captains offering a better promise of fortunes on the high seas or going awol. Not sure how this could be simulated in game, if just another tax to retain an experienced crew whom would eventually leave once they've amassed enough wealth or see a high turn over of crew that have no experience due to the captain not divvying up the prize money fairly. Not sure there should be a boarding action by crews to simulate a mutiny, or your ship being made inmoblized for a short time, think it could be done via morale perhaps? or other areas Overall though, i think there are other aspects of the game that could do with finer details, like the realm v realm aspect, such has player generated missions for bounties, patrols around ports to protect commerce, or patrols near enemy ports to project power and raid commerce, paid out from taxes collected by clans, or just by players with deep pockets. Would also allow traders or clans with an invested interest to keep certain ports clear of raiders to chip in to fund military activities/patrols around key ports.
  6. Can we not have player generated missions. similar to contracts. At the moment, there doesn't seem to be that much incentive to assist players outside of patrol zone event since the risk outweighs the reward, & not all players are driven by goodwill, & cannot be built on in the 1st place if the interaction isn't driven through game mechanics. Seems the only way to make any real moolah is through trading. So why not introduce a synergy between traders & hunters. Seems strange that players can not issue contracts on enemy players, perhaps, a combined money pot, in which a contract can be issued and contributed into by other players that see the hunter collecting on it. This will add a dynamic to the hunter & hunted, this could also add a push/pull factor to different ports, if wanting to make such contracts localized to a port/area (e.g Cuba region) or just faction global. If exploiting of such a system is a problem, similar akin to that of "the good, bad & ugly" from which Clint Eastwood fiddles the bounty system. I think overall, any gaming of such a system will hardly see them reaping huge wealth, and will most likely end up with them sinking their time into meeting up somewhere to game it & divvy up the reward. Plus if such mission contracts can only be issued at faction ports, will make it more difficult regardless.
  7. Just a suggestion, would it be a good idea for someone to setup a steamgroup only for all leaders of all clans for the British Navy, so you are better able to communicate & coordinate with each other?
  8. 3-4min timer wud be neat, sometimes my computer crashes, would hate to miss out on loot.
  9. wouldn't mind seeing some global data/graphs for trade prices also, to get a general idea of the average value.
  10. AgentGB

    Royal Pardon

    I was wondering if it's worth suggesting a pardon system for accidential acts of piracy, or if the UI can be refined to avoid accidently attacking friendly shipping. I know you have to be pretty careless to attack a friendly ship, but i've had my close calls while clicking about in the open world & accidents can happen & seems a pretty horrible way to lose your allegiance to your mother faction. I'm aware this can be exploited, if players choose to purposely attack friendly players then seek a pardon promptly afterwards, so here is what i'm proposing to deter such knavish acts while helping those players who have just honestly made a drastic error and wish to seek repentance. Instead make a cost of a pardon of returning to your orignal faction: An entire rank of a level(XP) lost (e.g Lieutenant Commander --> First Lieutenant) A sum of a 100,000 gold which multiplies per week (so if the opportunity isn't ceased immediately, returning to home faction become alot more difficult) The destruction off all but your starting outpost upon returning. I think all these above penalties is enough to deter premeditated acts of piracy, while offer those who made the accident of continuing to progress to some extent, since the current system is so harsh that it could frustrate players that they may just stop playing the game then go through the grind again by starting a new characters to rejoin there original faction.
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