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  1. not enough reward. anything takes too long. finding mission. (no marker) doing it two times because friend does not get mission reward only damage reward. not getting enough gold to expand your warhouseS!!! (50k for ONE line, 250 for the next and than only for the current port ^^) not getting enough gold to buy all the resources you need for crafting (crafting does not pay at the moment) not getting real xp for the crafting notes. (1xp i think at the moment ?) not beeing able to buy ship blue prints. (beeing forced to craft useless traders lynx) and last but not least the community that always cries : harder harder, nerf that, nerf that. thats why i quit warframe. thats why i quit this game. (quitted, saturday to be honest)
  2. it would be even ok to complete remove durability. just set it to 1. And let me sell boarded ships.
  3. hate the new money cap (5000 per mission) want back the the current values.
  4. so not buying any carfted ships for me in the future. (60k for a ship is now 12 missions so i guess 8 hours playtime ? if i play with friend that wants his 12 missions too we have 16 hours ?) no crafting myself (resources to expansive) no more outposts. (100k == playing a week ? (no i do not play 8 hours a day)) With 5k I am forced to only use boarded ships again. no pvp (dur 1 ship lose is not a good idea ^^) And I wasted the last 2 days with port battles. (getting resources i can't carry ^^) I've should made the missions until they were worth it. Anyway : Give me premium ships and i am fine with that change
  5. maybe you should be able to "merge" ships. Your brig has dur 3. No you are buying a brig with dur 5. Now you can merge the brig with 5 to the brig with 3 that would result in the dur 3 brig becoming a dur 4 brig. That would give a HUGE boost to crafters. (gray ships i am looking at you) Higher quality of dur 5 ships may give you a chance to get TWO dur. green 5% blue 10% purble 15% Gold 20%
  6. my wishes (some text copied from previous posters ) ignore the once that maybe are already implemented. a chance to try out ships in an empty instance before buying them (perhaps with a dummy npc target) a possibility to compare a ship before buying / switching with the current ship stats more sinking animations Customization of figurehead Customization of wood color (painted) Customization of flags and sails explorer missions trader missions Guilds, societies, allies, and nations Some political aspects as governors or society leaders premium ships! premium designs! maybe premium gold / xp boost tradeable like eves plex ? logbook (maybe also be able to write additonal log notes by hand Show me the Battle Rating (BR) of ships in shop and when i buy a fleet. bring back ai fleets for pve (and for me even pvp would be ok too) AI fleet using your own ships. (liked the idea of hire captain not ship) Position Marker on map for own ship. Make it possible for pirates to join nation again (with cool down) Bind crafting xp to steam like the combat xp (so you never loose it (if problem with labor hours share them with all servers) ) Keeping boarded ships only allowed for pirates. nation can only break or sell boarded ships. maybe special upgrades for pirates and nations to make them more different. maybe a fast pve battle button like the small battle / large battle option for pvp. crew not only visible on deck but also in the sails maybe let player "Merge" ships of same type to increase durability ? (you need a dur 5 ship to add 1 dur to your existing ship, maybe that would make crafted gray ships finding a buyer) more details (dolphins, birds, godrays, ....) NAMING SHIPS. a lot more ships. no teleports sailing under false flag (must be balanced) Whaling fishing let me walk on my ship in 1st person view ( Ship interiors ) maybe an avatar and land missions in the far future and if you can design an avatar maybe let us also design our crew ? ships with less durability look older then dur 5 ships. Actual commands in that ship's language i.e. French ship, people yelling in French, English, people yelling in English etc. what i NEVER want to see : MODS + Custom Skins (like the hit zones skin pack for world of tanks) Custom UI Joke items (fancy hats) Joke designs
  7. pvp server no fleet ? why ? pvp MATCH no fleet would be enough
  8. a crew member that needs to level AND can be killed ? no thanks ^^
  9. I prefer the current. For example you can switch to survival mode if someone leaks you while boarding. Playing an other game mode would make things more complicated.
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