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  1. it would be even ok to complete remove durability. just set it to 1. And let me sell boarded ships.
  2. my wishes (some text copied from previous posters ) ignore the once that maybe are already implemented. a chance to try out ships in an empty instance before buying them (perhaps with a dummy npc target) a possibility to compare a ship before buying / switching with the current ship stats more sinking animations Customization of figurehead Customization of wood color (painted) Customization of flags and sails explorer missions trader missions Guilds, societies, allies, and nations Some political aspects as governors or society leaders premium ships! premium designs! maybe premium gold / xp b
  3. a crew member that needs to level AND can be killed ? no thanks ^^
  4. I prefer the current. For example you can switch to survival mode if someone leaks you while boarding. Playing an other game mode would make things more complicated.
  5. if it is optional and does not give you stuff you can't get in an other way : +1
  6. maybe a subscription model like eve ? where you can trade ingame money for "plex" ? maybe combined with : subscription is optional it only gives you a xp boost ?
  7. If someone wants to hide behind AI : let him hide. (I would even allow them in pvp but I understand people not wanting them in pvp) So meeting in the middle would be : allow fleeds , but not in pvp. (auto flee?) The Idee with the crew would even give more benefits. You could add more ranks. So you have a target to level more after getting the highest ship.
  8. Diplomacy should be not auto calculated based on attacks. It should be voted. Give every Player above a certain rank the possibility to choose 2 factions he loves and 2 he hates. The sum of those choices makes the alliance. Pirates should always be at war anyway.
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