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  1. I hope it's based on NA now and stays clear of WoWs. I very much looking forward to this new game!!  I just read a little more on this; if it comes close to the original Silent Hunter it will be a fantastic game, I really liked the crew improvement and promotions and medals in SH. The better the crew, the ship performance increases.

    A few names I suggest would be;  Iron hearts,  Rule the Waves,  Naval  or just Swords and Guns, Naval Horizons, Hearts of oak and iron (after the Navy song). Ok it's starting to sound corny.  



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  2. 5 hours ago, Intrepido said:

    If the IA is too fast, chain it first.

    Use prepared to give a first or two good volleys of chains at the begining. 

    And remember, if you very close to an IA, it wont shoot.

    Interesting you would mention this but I discussed this very method with the others this morning.  Chain shot will at least slow them down and make them easier targets after. 


  3. 1 minute ago, Salty Dog on Global said:

    umm... no.  They are tough for a reason.

    The last Epic I was in was done with only 5 ships.  It was a challenge but that why it was fun.  You can repair, the AI cannot.  Kite them out and keep up on repairs and work as a team to focus down each ship.  We all made it out with over 50% health.

    Its called EPIC for a reason.

    Sounds like a different Epic. Two of us faced off against one AI Santi, I in a Vic and my buddy in a Santi while organizing on Discord. We both managed 10-20% damaged on the AI ship and we both sank. And we entered with 6 ships. 

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  4. Now that some of our clan and I have had a chance at a few Epic challenges I realize that it's not just difficult but almost impossible to beat. I love a challenge as most do but I think the present difficulty level for Epic missions is a little too high. Facing off against 9  hardened, seemingly faster ships that not only load quicker but also have laser guided cannon balls is beyond anyone I know.. so far. I'm not a new player and certainly not the best. But 4 of 6 First rate ships (and players) lost their ships last night. The last 2 barely escaped with more then 60-70% damage.  I suggest the NPC/AI ships be cut back to 6 or 7 not 9 and the AI ship be slightly reduced in armour and speed. I do like the extreme challenge of the Epic battles though and feel the missions are worth while keeping, just tamed a bit. What about different level Epics like before. Epic 1,2 and hardest 3. All for first rate competitors.  I really don't mind losing my ship to a worth while challenge but sunk within a few minutes wasn't fun. I will refrain from calling is AI cheating but it was mentioned by more then one of our team. 

  5. 1 hour ago, Intrepido said:

    My recipe for a better NA:

    -More PVE content. Varied type of missions.

    -Fill the OW with things to do and see: wildlife, surprise events (like shipwrecks), discovery and exploration.

    -New boarding system. Current one is anticlimatic.

    -More clan tools to help organization.

    -An IA capable of fighting near land. Any professional reviewer will call it as game breaker.

    -Ship customization via cosmetics.

    -More ships. There are quite important gaps in the current line up.

    And active AI/NPC port battles. 


  6. The Wasa is a wonderful ship, I recommend leaving it just the way it is. The only thing I would change is make it craftable but I can imagine many will have an issue with that. Making a superior ship available to anyone with 150 CMs is fair. Why would you want to change that? Enjoy a well designed ship, and go hunting. If it tops the 4th Rates - so be it. Get one. 



  7. 10 hours ago, George Washington said:

    It was called Intrinsic Alchemy engine. 


    How can you compare it to Unity?



    • Object-Oriented Design
    • Plug-in Architecture
    • Save/Load System
    • Other
    • Data-driven architecture designed for real-world game development practices
    • The Alchemy Insight™ core engine with a plug-in architecture for the easy addition of new features
    • The Alchemy Finalizer™ application with Optimizer integration, data debugging and scene analysis, and feature extensibility
    • The Alchemy Optimizer™ library with a complete set of deafult optimizations
    • A game pipeline set up for current and next-generation consoles
    • Ability to replace Alchemy object implementations with your own
    • Fast IGB binary data format with external references and syncronous streaming for all Alchemy-derived classes
    • New tools, such as the Alchemy Event tracker for memory analysis, logging and debugging
    • Hand-tuned microcode for PlayStation®2
    • Implementation optimized for each hardware device
    • Fixed-function
    • Render-to-Texture
    • Fonts

    • Environment Mapping


    • Per-vertex
    • Per-pixel
    • Gloss maps


    • Projected planar
    • Shadow Volume Projective Shadows, Self-Shadows, Planar Shadows


    • Basic
    • Multi-texturing
    • Bumpmapping
    • Procedural Cartoon Shader


    • High Level
    • Cross-platform shading support
    • Environment Maps, Multi-texture, Gloss Maps, Bump Maps, and Cartoon Shader
    • Ability to build your own per-platform shader the uses the same Alchemy pipeline


    • Mesh Loading
    • Max and Maya ArtistPack™
    • Intrinsic Alchemy Viewer™ and Intrinsic Alchemy Optimizer™ integrated with 3ds max™ and Maya®

    Scene Management

    • General Flexible Scene Graph enables shader support for complete integration from modeling tool to hardware


    • Inverse Kinematics
    • Skeletal Animation
    • Animation Blending
    • Skin, Skeleton, and Animation Definitions
    • Animation: Transitions, Overrides, Multiple Active, Partial
    • Sking: Multiple, Segmented, Run-time Switchable
    • Simple IK Support with capabilities to add custom complex IK
    • Hand-tuned on PS2, GAMECUBE, Xbox, and PC for 1st party performance

    Tools & Editors




    Wow, now that I have had 30 minutes for a "scratch the surface" read of your answer - I can appreciate the complexity of NA more. 

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  8. 10 hours ago, Cortez said:

    6. Give Wasa 3rd rate status. Imho this is not a 4th rate. There will be not MORE Conquest, making ships instantly available.

    I think it is fine that way it is. Please don't mess with such a fine ship. With the Bellona, a real 3rd Rate, the Wasa is also a gem. 

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  9. 13 hours ago, Teutonic said:

    PvE and PvP clans on the global server? I don't see why not. the PvE clans are very good groups to buy stuff from, or "hire" to move stuff/trade. I wouldn't mind finding a valuable and trustworthy PvE group to help in production, or generally just say "hey, would you like to stock X port with goods? We would like to buy things" "setup buy contracts and we will bring stuff" type thing.

    Contact me on the PvE server, FPM or Flying Powder Monkeys. Same name Brit flag. 


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