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  1. 5 minutes ago, Hethwill the Harmless said:

    i lost the count of how many l'hermiones i pumped out.

    how many privateers and snows

    how many cherubims

    all 3/5 blue... nothing else.

    Still, worth to change the crafting spot. Just for the sake of.... let's try there... and there....

    Thanks for your comment (almost spelled it Komment), I think we can agree a simple workable system will be better. 


  2. 2 minutes ago, Hethwill the Harmless said:

    Using a port in the middle of nowhere yesterday, first time there.

    2 surprises came out blue 4/5 no extra refit and a 3/5 very fast

    1 xebec 5/5 strong rig


    That's 3 ships non standard. 100% not 3/5 no extra.


    I mean... i was totally contracting the wrong shipyard guys at the wrong place :) 

    My last 5 ships came out :

    3 nothing special 3/5. 

    1 strong rig and 1 sturdy. 



  3. I'm putting this suggestion here in hope it will get a Developer's attention. 

    I can't stress this enough; I and numerous L-50 crafters in our Clan all feel strongly that WE need to be able to craft higher quality purple and gold ships, please consider taking the drop-by-chance out of the mix or increase it. I suggest a recipe of an extra "something" will give the crafter important satisfaction to making a special ship. Maybe a specialized additional permit from Admiralty stating "This is to be applied to one exceptional quality ship" (purple) and a more expensive permit for Gold quality.  

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  4. 1 hour ago, jpjchris said:

    Might be a long shot....but have you cleared your registry of whatever the game may imprint upon it?

    I'm horrid at tech support of this sort, but that's my two cents.

    Mm, good point. I just used an pro-uninstall and see if that removes any Windows Reg references. I suppose this could be my fault I haven't played since Sept 2017. 

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  5. 1658716787_Client.exeScreenshot2018_08.16-14_35_51_88.thumb.png.e93794e1ce4fe74fc0e24364cf2014ba.png

    How do I fix this?

    - already uninstalled entire game data base twice and re-installed NA through Steam. Still this happens. 

    - clicked on game name in steam and verifed x 3, still this occurs. 

    - Allowed through Firewall exceptions. 



  6. 7 hours ago, Cortez said:

    Uhh.. Scary :)

    Look mate.

    Everyone sailed Wasa when it was almost for free.Now you need Vic marks, and suddenly it`s "NERF IT", "NERF IT".

    There is no doubt that Wasa has wrong BR, but there is no need to replace her cannons and make a shit ship out of her, like Agamemnon.


    I agree, the best thing is to change the BR value of the Wasa only - not nerf it. 

  7. 6 minutes ago, Hethwill said:

    Multi player ( multi means several by the way, not one solo ) magic word ! Wow... someone actually used it !


    We have 219 members in our clan (PvE) and we work together on many things; missions, trader caps, hostility missions, upgrades and ships construction to mention a few. It's what makes this game great as well as the excellent sailing model. 


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