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  1. This is what I'm driving at. I like the idea of generating Notes for the different qualities. The bar for how many notes or special permits required could be eventually controlled by admiralty in a commodity driven economical environment so, what that means is; for example- if too many Gold or excellent ships are coming out then the cost or value could be increased. Conversely, if not enough are crafted price/cost may be lowered. A control similar to the present permit system only those notes/permits will apply within each given catagorical group as Fluffy already alluded to. The afor
  2. Now there is at least a thoughtful suggestion. Lets put our heads together and come up something viable at least.
  3. That sounds rediculous, why would anyone ask for a system like that? I certainly not suggesting a first rate permit reward be handed out for building T-Lynxs; BUT what about 25 - First rate builds for a purple permit and 35-40 builds or more for Gold permit. Each permit would apply to it's own rate. The numbers are a suggestion only.
  4. What about a crafter reward system that will hand out one purple upgrade certificate per 20-25 builds crafts (for exampe) and one Gold certificate per 50 builds, then at least the builder can decide what and when.
  5. Not to mention hours and hours and hours of crafting. I can't imagine L50 in 2 days... I agree no way.
  6. How, we have our shipyards in Grand Turk. Which will be better?
  7. Thanks for your comment (almost spelled it Komment), I think we can agree a simple workable system will be better.
  8. My last 5 ships came out : 3 nothing special 3/5. 1 strong rig and 1 sturdy.
  9. 1 out of 30 ships for purple or 1 out of 300 for Gold isn't holy shit good for you; it's more like GIVE UP crafting you won't make anything special. And I'll add I am not the only one who feels this way.
  10. I'm putting this suggestion here in hope it will get a Developer's attention. I can't stress this enough; I and numerous L-50 crafters in our Clan all feel strongly that WE need to be able to craft higher quality purple and gold ships, please consider taking the drop-by-chance out of the mix or increase it. I suggest a recipe of an extra "something" will give the crafter important satisfaction to making a special ship. Maybe a specialized additional permit from Admiralty stating "This is to be applied to one exceptional quality ship" (purple) and a more expensive permit for Gold quality.
  11. I have a solution; go to PvE. Nice picture in the first post. What ships are those?
  12. This may be a stupid question but, when will this happen?
  13. I would like to get craftable, upgraded and refit ships like purple and gold Indiaman and Bellonas.
  14. Will the resources wipe include everything or just some of the materials available?
  15. Mm, good point. I just used an pro-uninstall and see if that removes any Windows Reg references. I suppose this could be my fault I haven't played since Sept 2017.
  16. How do I fix this? - already uninstalled entire game data base twice and re-installed NA through Steam. Still this happens. - clicked on game name in steam and verifed x 3, still this occurs. - Allowed through Firewall exceptions.
  17. I look forward to the day when PvE port battles send out AI ships to challenge us. But who am I?
  18. I agree, the best thing is to change the BR value of the Wasa only - not nerf it.
  19. Thanks for the wonderful gifts and Happy New Year to the entire staff at NA.
  20. That will make the permits and notes trips shorter or at least give another potential closer option.
  21. I agree with that and the more blue prints available the better.
  22. Gotta protect your fleet ships. They're out there to get em.
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