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  1. Just bought This Land. It looks fantastic so far. I really like the idea from the perspective of the North American Indian. 

    When will "this land" go to Steam, any opinions on how that will look?



    1. Ink


      Greetings Bubba,

      Thank you for the kind words, we hope you will enjoy the game!

      The game will go on Steam in this Autumn most likely, we cannot provide exact date yet.

  2. I and most of the clan members online within the last hour report the same issue.
  3. Wow, it's finally here. What changes are planned for the release game. Anything new for the PvE server?
  4. I noticed some laggyness but it seems my items and ships are left untouched.
  5. If you are looking for clan on the PvE server we will be happy to invite you. FPM or Flying Powder Monkeys sporting the British National flag based in Grand Turk.
  6. FPM for Flying Powder Monkeys (Brit nation at Grand Turk), is actively recruiting. Meet me online or requrest membership from one of the clan officers. Thanks in advance.
  7. Having re-read this post, this is an awesome improvement. It answers more than one question for me.
  8. There is good ideas to be implemented in the original post. I think DLC ships, in all iterations/qualities that are crafted can co-exist. Crafting has different rewards and DLC ships has their own as well. There is definately a place for both in this game. Right now however crafting is more or less at a slow crawl due to resources and permits.
  9. With a spring release I'll be getting asap. This looks like a fantastic format I'm glad it's finally coming alive. I love the scenery, concept and reverse view on colonization of North America speaking from someone generationally rooted in Canadian history.
  10. I thought it should have counted along time ago.
  11. The solution; make the ships craftable again.
  12. Will permits for most ships be available in the Admiralty shops, right now I don't see permits for the Bellona, Indef and others.
  13. Just wondering why the little details box is set to on/off. Wouldn't it simplier to just have it on? Just a friendly suggestion.
  14. What a beautfil ship the Gold Connie is and the Diana is very nice too. Thanks!
  15. With this fantastic improvement how about clan ship docks so Clan builders can make and store ships for the members. I noticed Rare woods mentioned. Does this mean crafters can use rare wood types for upgrading ship quality??
  16. I have the same issue on my new 2080 ti, it has improved with the lastest driver up date but ships rigging still flashes and has ropes missing. I wonder if it's the ray tracing that isn't working 100%.
  17. Reals is an important part of the game, I agree. We should be able to capture traders with Reals and Dubloons.
  18. I was wondering where the LGV-Refits are? Did I miss something?
  19. I just wanted to tell you how impressed I am with the NA changes of late. The icons, NPC spawning, sailing mechanics and more are wonderful. I can speak for many of us in the our clan, and they too are pleased with what has changed so far. I have read some of the negative comments on the forums and I feel many of them just need to wait and see what other improvements you have in store before jumping to conclusions. Please pass along kudos to the other developers and thanks for a sailing sim worthy of it's salt. 



  20. I haven't gone back that far but I'll try it.
  21. I have a i-9 [7900) CPU and new 2080 ti Video card. I have also been getting flickering of the rigging allot lately as well. I do think it's only a matter of time before they sort out a new driver and fix this issue. I have rolled back the vid driver one by one back several updates and the problem still continued even got worse sometimes. So I tried the opposite and updated with the latest driver to GeForce 419.17 just released and did noticed an improvement although the rig flashes still. Also consider enabling G-sync both on your system and V-sync in game. It seems to help allot. If you ha
  22. Thanks very much, super nice ship and Poods to go with it ! Love the Christian a real powerhouse. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all Naval Action Staff and their families.
  23. I just wanted to thank you and the staff for such a wonderful game. I'm really enjoying the lastest patch/updates. The UI is looking great; I really like the little icons on trade items now. Nicely done. Please pass along my appreciation to the others behind the scenes. 


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