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  1. There are only 32 pieces of 6 types in a chess for some reason. So far, no matter how much I argued nobody wants to add more. :P

    Seriously though, if I look at the different type of ships we have, we could do with 1 more slot per outpost:

    • Fast Trader
    • Heavy Trader
    • 6th rate / Shallow
    • 5th rate / Interceptor / Scout / Light Screener
    • 4th rate / Brawler / Heavy Screener
    • SOL
    Everybody should be able to get into any sort of trouble that pops up closeby. :D



    My thinking too, given the variety of ships we can have I suggest something like; one or 2 more mooring spots in a Shipyard/capital city - which can be purchased and 1 more slot in each of your national harbours of course all at a price. 

  2. Nope. Nothing to do with fleet, smuggler tag, or any other in game mechanic. Just need an admin to take care of it. 100% there's nothing I can do on my end after a restart, game  cache validation, and reinstall. Pretty sure it'll fix itself after server maintenance, but also sure I'm going to be all kinds of pissed if I have to wait that long.


    What port is it and what type of ship?

  3. Try checking your fleet out, if one of your fleet ships is a deep water boat you ain't going anywhere. Good call on behalf of the staff I say; I made the same mistake and looked back at my fleet ship the next day. 

  4. A little while ago I accidently hit the small battle button (yes it was unintentional); before I had a chance to esc out of the small battle I was thrown into a battle. Finally I decided to out-run the attacker with hopes of escaping and ended up outside the engagement area and was program sunk.  The button to escape or cancel the small battle seemed outside my screen area if there was one at all. As a result my new Bellona lost one of it's few durabilities. I have asked for the dura back and so far nothing; what am I missing? 

  5. You have the start of a really good sailing naval battle simulation here! 

    Have you looked at Age of Empires - Napoleon naval battles? They have one of the better sailing naval battles program around (imho).  The ships have realistic weight, wind, motion and steering characteristics and it's noticed when a full broadside salvo is fired - the ship will heal in reaction; a very historically impressive realistic trait the engages the player. Another interesting add-on is the sounds in Napoleon, for example; when a canon to the left of your observation point is fired the distance and side is reflected in your speakers. So when you are attacked from port stern side your corresponding speaker (head phones to a lesser degree)  will have those sounds. 

    You have a much better sailing model but these battle details will pay big when bringing the players into game battles.  


    I really like the economy of this game, it's always interesting to see what shows up for cargo after capture. Nice feature.  


    The crafting is excellent too and some players have really added significantly to the game by selling great ships - thanks. 


    A question; do you have a surround sound update planned? I only notice the front speakers working not rear or center in the beta version? Am I missing something?


    The old pre-patch crew assignment icon worked a little better and I felt was easier to understand I liked the red and green circles for preparation times for the various ships systems. However I do see the merit of the new system. 


    I can only imagine how difficult it is to spend huge cargo load of hours developing this game and I encourage staff\developers to look on the positive side rather than take any of the non-constructive complaints seriously. You're going in the right direction and please keep up the good work and thanks. 



    Bruce B

    aka Buba Smith - yes my spelling ;o)



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  6. I do find the new patch engages the player more in the function of the ship. Sailing, gunnery, boarding have there toll on manpower and a Captain needs to think of timing in all decisions. The map for catching up with smaller traders by bigger ships has become difficult and often I have found the trader gets-away even though I wasn't that far off and gaining on them.  I liked the old addition to a crew with marines but also like the icon showing there status, maybe a combo idea can be used.- additional crew members with the marines upgrade and an boarding attack bonus too. 

    More thoughts later I grounded my ship again. 

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