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  1. This sounds promising. I played yesterday in my cutter (I deleted my character, thought XP would be kept) and I'm progressing quite easily. Much better than July patch!
  2. I see some major changes has been made to clans and ports. Did the devs fixed a lot of stuff and make the game playable again? Good idea to return to the game and have some fun?
  3. Before the discussion is derailed, I want to reiterate what I pointed out before. The game removed the autonomy of many players, which now demands players to work together through clans, organising. Yes, it is true the game is a time sink, but you have to look at how much fun and stimulus you get out of the time. Battles is the objective of the game, the OW is the medium which we conduct our battles on and the economy dictates which resources/ships we can afford and use. I want to point out the problem is the resources/ships as it's more difficult and costly than before. Casual players who spend 1-2 hour everyday on the game will have more difficulty to get somewhere than people who spend 5 hours on the game every day.
  4. I think the final nail has been made into the coffin for me. The clan left me out due to "frustration towards the game and pessimism on nation chat about game features". I understand their reasoning and I cannot go and disrepute the clan, due to my complaints about the situation of the game and missions. I want everyone to have fun and not affecting people negatively. This is just who I am are. I cannot withhold myself from venting my frustration in the game and TS, because if I don't vent, I will become bitter and even more frustrated. And sadly the game favors clan heavily at the moment and I can't schedule my time specifically at certain time points of the day to do certain things. I jump on, do what I can do and then go, different times, different places. That is what casuals do and it is an inconvenience for clans as they organise, schedule and making plans for their operations and cannot rely on me to be present at all times. I'm sorry Norfolk, I tried, but matters have become worse for me than before. I'll try the game again in 6 months and see where we go from there.
  5. I read through your post and I have a confession to make. I started with 0 rank xp, 0 craft xp, only a basic cutter to entertain me, a few redeemables and that was it. This expected me to start from the bottom, like a newbie and work my way up. At the moment, I'm on the level of kapitein-luitenant (lieutenant commander if I'm correct) and sailing in a run down fir wood Renomee. My Surprise got sunk during a hostility rise. I made some gold (300K), but blown most of it away on getting a ship and cannons. The clan started crafting ships, but their first priority was to get traders ships to get the money rolling. Often, I was asked to do trading if I want my own portion of gold, but after 2 trips (spending 1 hour) of trading, I was devastated on the returns I made and being chased by the French at a occasion. I cannot fathom that I need to trade 2-3 days to have enough gold to buy the next 5th rate. You might tell me I'm trading wrong or not enough, but that's the point. I'm not a trader myself, I don't spend more than 1 hour of play time on the game every day and there are some expectations from the clan. The only reason why I play NA is to immersive myself in the naval battles, port battles and have fun chasing PVP. The trading and crafting is too time consuming (travel times on ocean) and I'm not interested. I will try tonight playing the game again, get a chance to clear my mind and try to adapt. The adapting to the new system is the most difficult for me and that is what you tried to explain in your post of the Junkie & Dealer. Early access expect from a person to adapt to the changes after every patch, but some changes is groundbreaking and take a lot of effort from a person to change to what he/she was accustomed before. Thanks to you pointing out of getting "rehab", I will try again and not quit.
  6. I'm going to outline the reasons here on why I quit this game. Last year, the game was fun, we had fun, there was lots of action and things was easy. Now the game is difficult, time consuming and is expecting your patience to get somewhere. Unfortunately, I don't have that patience and I don't like to work, I want to play. The reason: 1. Absence of captain mission: You can only do solo up till first lieutenant and higher is only fleet missions. I enjoyed doing a couple of these missions every day, but now the absence of solo missions higher than first lieutenant is making the game too difficult. I have to organise every time with people to do captain missions and it is too cumbersome and difficult to get everyone together. The missions also helped me with providing gold, now I get peanuts. 2. Ships: It was fun to sail with 4th rates and 3rd rates around, doing missions, chasing people away, doing PVP where firepower is needed and as a good tanky ship to absorb most of the shots. Now everyone is sailing with an indefatigable and its so difficult to make 4th rates now. I have to rely on other people and have patience to get a 4th rate and I'm fed up. I want to sail, have fun and get a stimulating experience. Now its not fun and stimulating. 3. Crafting: What the heck happened here?! Why removing the autonomy of crafters? Removing crafting xp from materials is the worst decision as it now prohibits crafters from leveling up! I had my own fun with crafting and made reasonable profits. Now I get peanuts for crafting and everything is too expensive, compared to what I get in battles! 200K to make a 5th rate, but only get 20K on average? How many battles should I do just to pay off my ship?! Then I also have to spend a heck lot of money on hull/rigging kits! The system killed crafting and all I'm doing now is supplying stone and hemp for my clan, that's it. 4. Time consuming: Last year, I could craft a ship, go out and doing missions, join some PVP and doing port battles. Didn't had to worry about ship being expensive and didn't care if got sunk as I had plentiful of other ships to have fun in. Now I'm to afraid to take out my ships. If it sink, I loose more than I gain. I have to do trading, which takes hours and then other nations can steal your loot. Trading is the most time consuming exercise in this game and it feels like work to do it. I do not want to trade, but I can't craft, and missions are too difficult to setup with other players. What am I suppose to do to get alternative source of gold without have to trade? Over and all, this will help the devs making decisions on their development of the game and it is up to the devs to decide who they want to cater, hardcore or casuals. In my opinion, it is better to make options open for casuals, as they make up of the majority of a game playerbase. I'm just saddened the fun of the game is reduced for me and I cannot spend time on something that makes me frustrated and unhappy. The game was fun, now not so much as I lost a lot of autonomy and options to play quick and fun. The battles is the only reason why NA is fun, the OW not.
  7. Then why should I play a game where I can't do PVP or loosing ships, because all of them are valuable. Doing missions give peanuts compared to the cost of getting a ship (5th rate cost 200K to purchase from the market, have to rely on the clan to supply ships) and then whats the reason to play Naval Action if I can't take my ships out? The goal is to increase PVP and engagements. How do you do it? Making ships cost to nothing compared to what can be made in gold. I would suggest to introduce the tiered ships back, making standard ships dirt cheap and golden ships so expensive, only a few can be made and will be used by clan leaders/wealthy people. It only requires an adjustment of resources and mats. Like making golden ships use certain parts that can only be grabbed through drops/shop spawns. If the devs idea is to increase diversity, then they should do like what they did with Marines. Marines were 1 of the things which could be obtained through drops/battles. Not everyone had them and those who did, paid a lot of money or hoarding them.
  8. Please, give our XP crafting of mats back, or increase the LH wallet to maximum (2000 hours). It is frustrating that I'm limited to 1000 hours and everyday I have to log in and already wasting hours, because I'm exceeding the wallet. LH is extremely valuable and limiting XP to ship building is putting mostly everyone at a disadvantage who is not making ships!
  9. I done a hostility rise tonight and it didn't go well. Lost a ship and it cost me 200K to replace ship with cannons. The payout for the battle was 10K where I sunk a Surprise. My biggest frustration at the moment is how grindy the game has become. Now ships are expensive to replace and I'm afraid to do PVE/PVP, because I might loose my ship and then it is back to square 1. I suggest the payouts must be increased to make it more accessible for players to gain ships and have fun, not struggle to get somewhere.
  10. I played a week and have a few issues with the changes and features added/removed. This is not a bash or criticism, this is to help the devs making future decisions if they want to keep the features or alter them. 1. Captain missions: The absence of the standard captain missions making it difficult for me to do captain level missions, because now I have to choose a fleet mission and have to organise within my nation before going on the fleet missions. This take 5-10 minutes to organise and its frustrating. I want to go out, have some fun and come back with money to buy items, not organising groups of people who each have 1 or other gripe with whatever they have. 2. Crafting: The crafting xp is gone. I want to increase my labour hours wallet, but to do so, I need to gain crafting xp and now the only way to obtain is to build ships. At the moment, resources are expensive and it is not profitable for me to craft ships. 3. NPC production: The production by NPC ports helped keeping prices in check. Now that all production is player driven, I have to change production buildings and ports frequently to get all the resources I need to make materials from. The resources sold on the market is now 2 to 3 times more than it used to be, due the lack of NPC production and supply. Whereas a lynx would cost me 10K to build, it will cost me 40K! 4. Forts not firing on enemy ships: I noticed the forts are not firing on enemy NPC ships anymore. Then why have forts? I was expected to be assisted by forts sinking the NPC ships in front of my capital, but they didn't do anything and I had to escape. 5. Payment on sinking of ships: The old system was better as it pay out on the damages you caused on the enemy ships and if you get badly hurt and escape, you can go to port and fix your ship with the money you got from the battle. Now payments are only done on sinking of ships. This is discouraging and frustrating as I have to escape some battles and didn't get any compensation, but I still have to fix my ship which cost a lot of money. 6. Magazine access: I think the likelihood of fire outbreak on ships having magazine access is a bit too frequent and annoying. I don't believe ships catches fire so easily by simply moving the powder to the decks. I hope this will give some insight into the frustrations we have and I hope the devs can alter some features. The game is not suppose to be a grind. It must be fun and everyone participating must enjoy it, not having frustrations, grinding and wasting time.
  11. I assume you didn't read. The items on the market is expensive, actually a rip-off to be exact. I'm not going to do 5 PVE missions to buy some stone, priced at 100g each.
  12. I understand the socialising part of the game, but as I said, it is demanding. When I join some clans, they expect me to be online at certain times and to participate in certain port battles, which I don't always have time to participate in. I'm casual in a sense of being offline more than online. (spending 2 hours on NA on a daily basis, do crafting and trading mostly). The other thing is, it is time intensive to make stuff in NA, meaning the resources are expensive and I have to do PVP/PVE missions to generate cash to buy resources. The ships are more valuable than before and they are limited in numbers. Its not like as if I can craft ship, do some PVP and not caring about loosing it. I enjoyed it. Now loosing a ship is much more expensive and difficult to replace and I don't have much time to participate. The system is actually discouraging PVP action and more PVE as people don't want to loose their precious ships. Rather have abundance than shortage. Have shortage of high end ships, but abundance of low end ships which I won't care much about loosing in a PVP action.
  13. Add 5 more production slots to the existing slots. The economy is now changed to be completely player generated and having 5 production buildings are not enough for me to craft the materials I need for my ships. The system is now forcing players to play in clans for better coordination of resources generation and leave the casuals out. It is easy for me to add 5 production buildings and collect from them, but then I cannot craft ships. I craft ships and cannons, I only have 3 production slots left, whereas I need 10 different kind of resources to craft ships, without paying an arm and leg on the market for materials. The economy is rapidly slowed down and I wish to have more options to my disposal than limiting my efforts and force me to participate in a clan (which is really demanding).
  14. Now how is it possible for crafters to make ships when they are limited to 5 production slots, which 2 are already occupied by the shipyard and workshop. If the devs scuttled NPC economy completely and it is up to all the players to craft, then I expect to be given 20 production building slots to be able to craft all the materials my ships requires. Labour hours will be the limiting factor on how much you can collect and craft at a time.
  15. I put a contract for stone at a price of 24g and didn't received any stone from the port the next day. I had to return tonight to change the contract to 25g to make 100% sure, but there was no stone in the inventory, nor where there any contracts. The port shows it produces stone blocks and iron ore. I got my 1000 units of iron ore, but I wonder what happened to the stone block the port is suppose to produce. I also found most of the other stone block producing ports didn't had stone either.
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