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  1. Avast all ye scallywags, Let this thread stand as a brainstorming discussion for admin's need for grog and grub. To kick things off, 1. Tap into the massive market which is free-to-play gaming. 2. A cheapish monthly membership subscription which allows for a 15% increase in yield for all production buildings. 3. ?????? 4. Eternal fortune and glory for Game Labs Yours truly, JPJChris
  2. jpjchris

    Shanty Radio

    Gentlemen, Feast your ears! I've created a fine tuned Pandora radio station filled with historical shanties, classical music, and a pleasant smattering of punk rock. Any suggestions for adding variety to the station are appreciated. Pleasant waters, JPJChris https://www.pandora.com/station/play/4277878630511515649
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    Dearest fellows, Allow me to begin.
  4. Dearest fellows, gentlemen, ladies et all: I come to you as a representative of the civil, with words that I pray all will take heed to and propagate. CONSTRUCTIVE CRITICISM Definition of constructive 1: declared such by judicial construction or interpretation "constructive fraud" 2: of or relating to construction or creation 3: promoting improvement or development "constructive criticism" Definition of criticism 1a: the act of criticizing usually unfavorably seeking enc
  5. I generally don't stray from the Naval Action side of the forums, but this post is fantastic and thank you so much for posting it 😎
  6. Greetings my dear fellows, Allow me to share with you a new subreddit, with a subsequent Discord, Snapchat, Minecraft Server, and etc.....it is by far one of the most wonderful communities to have ever graced my figurative e-palate. See you all there, hopefully https://www.reddit.com/r/humansbeingfriends
  7. The most beautiful Indie I've heard in a long, long time....it is an absolute joy and pleasure. Please do enjoy.
  8. This would be incredible....hopefully the devs wish to experiment.
  9. You posit an interesting idea....I feel one would risk inexperienced commanders at times of great importance with this model, however. Experience in tactics and strategy are also critical elements. So I suppose Knowledge would make a good addition to initial list.
  10. Rat bastards. My sympathies for the loss....no honor among thieves, as they say.
  11. Love, love, LOVE this soundtrack. Although I'm certain I'm preaching to the choir 😛
  12. Greetings kind gentlemen and ladies, List your top attributes of a wise leader/well-operated clan here. I shall begin: COMMUNICATION. One must communicate well, first and foremost, for their jolly crew to succeed. STRUCTURE. The intricate knowledge of building a successful organizational structure is critical. Arguably on par with communication....however I feel that communication is without doubt more important. EMPATHY. Without the emotional ability to feel how one's crew feels, one places themselves in a disadvantageous place. - Share your thoughts and musings.
  13. Forgive me — could you elaborate? You posit an interesting thing...
  14. Good sir, I beg you to reconsider. The economy is an indifferent beast, with fortune only favoring the bold....it is quite similar to RL in that regard. Devs: as I'm sure you have already gathered from my previous post, I am a massive proponent of modeling this game off of true-to-life examples. Pay a professional economist to analyze this game's markets! There are actual economists who have analyzed EVE Online's economy, and I'm 100% certain you'll be able to find one which would enjoy analyzing NA. Cordially Yours, JPJChris
  15. I love your thinking....a heatmap and other such tools would be wondrous!
  16. I have immense interest in this proposed guide. Cordially Yours, JPJChris
  17. If you place a contract for an item at or above a certain set price, it fills automatically. Such is the mechanic.
  18. jpjchris

    Ode to Liberty

    Kind ladies and gentlemen, Allow me to share a beautiful poem which I happened upon for the first time only a few evenings ago. Do enjoy. http://poemsintranslation.blogspot.com/2015/07/pushkin-ode-to-liberty-from-russian.html Ode to LibertyBy Alexander PushkinTranslated by A.Z. ForemanClick to hear me recite the original RussianListless Cytherean princess1, singNo more. Begone out of my view! But you, great scourge of tsar and king, Proud Muse of Freedom, where are you? Come rip my laurels off. Bring stones And crush this coddled lyre. Let me Sing to the world of Liberty An
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