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  1. Ok you have already addressed some of my complaints of production buildings, where they simply take far too long to breakeven as it is, if you upgrade them. So I will concentrate on my thought on shipyards. Right now most of the crafters feel that the shipyard is just a gold sink and barrier that don’t add anything to their gameplay, it don’t give them any advancing compared to before the patch. I don’t really mind the price, you can earn a million in not that long time if you want, but I do think that a shipyard should give a bonus to those who invest heavily in there ship construction, and if we look at ship construction historically, then one of the advances in larger shipyards, beside more area to lay a keel, is the use of cranes and generally more effective construction methods so for me it would make sense if a larger shipyard would give a discount in labor hours used in ship construction and construction of parts. Besides that, I would suggest a new building that would increase the amount of labor hours generated per day, possible by something like 5/10/20%.
  2. The top of the line ships for the most part already takes a lot of clan members to make, with the change, the required clan size to have an effective production of sol are going to go up by a lot, if we as it is now require around 6 people to effectively make sol you will after this require around 25 probably, because of the amount of recourses needed and how small amount each member maximum can produce, this is not calculated or anything but I don’t think its to far off. As production is balanced right now either recourses are going to be priced a lot higher than they are today, or developers need to take a series look at how they have balanced buildings right now, you risk the market to be completely empty of recourses because they will be so scares that they are only used internaly in clans or only used for own consumption, and this way people not in clans won’t be able to craft anything because they can´t produce anything by themselves.
  3. Yes it wont be a problem until npc production halts but until then, they is not much reason for the most part, in producing resources you roi would be higher by buing recouces and then manufacturing gods, than by producing materials for self consumption or sale.
  4. That’s why I say that you need to look at the 20 labor hours you use, you need to put a cost on those they are not free, you could instead of producing those gold produce ballast or crafting notes or something else, that is the opportunity cost, the profit you would be able to get by producing something else.
  5. I don’t get where you got the 2.000 saved per day unless you never used you labor hours, otherwise you need to include the opportunity cost. And I don’t see how selling price will drop, the only way I see selling price goes with this mechanic is up, the max material a player can produce do not make up enough compared to what a market consume. So a big premium will be added to player made recourses, when npc production halts.
  6. This is my calculation based on pve server. Sell price is 167 you will with a tier 3 factory produce 40 gold, the production cost for each gold is 79 the investment is 210.000, I have put a price on labor at 42, this is probably going to be higher with this patch. You will make 6680 use 3160 gold in production cost 1512 in labor cost so you profits are 2008 that makes a breakeven point at 105 days. At building lvl 1 you profits are going to be 920 so that makes a breakeven at 11 days.
  7. A money printer that cost 210000 in investment and without labor hour cost will take 60 days to breakeeven, if we put a price on labor hours at 42 gold the breakeven point will be at 105 days, this seems a bit off to me. sell price will probably go up and therefore make the breakeven point sooner, but this is still not balance right in my opinion, on top of that we didnt realy need another laborhour time sink, what we did need was a gold sink.
  8. Ok a bit of feedback, cost of crafting recourses seems very high in those new buildings and the amount to low, I made a quick calculation on a gold mine, where sell price in PR is 167 and a price on labor hours is 42, with those numbers a brake even without NPV is 105 days, that seems a far too long time for a pc game. Also why does shipyards not give any bonuses, it seems strange that you would make a difference in how building lvl works between construction buildings and production buildings.
  9. Why is recourse production double limited, limited by building lvl and limited by crafting hours you get, Also why do lvl 3 shipyard not give 10% labor discount like a lvl 3 resource building?
  10. How about some flags to show the rank of the player on the ship, like these Danish flags http://www.navalhistory.dk/Danish/Flaget/Orlogsflaget.htm#Admiralsflag Or those English http://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/gb%5Enrank.html
  11. Labor hours ii a visible expression of some workers we employ, so if we want more labor hours we would have to employ more workers, and so would all the other fabricators in that port, so the employees cost goes up because there are competition for his employment. We should probably pay for all the labor hours we got, but on the other hand we could in this way also get more labor hours if we want to pay for it, and get it cheaper if we decide to produce our stuff in other ports than the capital. And if we employ a worker we need to pay for his labor either we use his work hours or not. Some other bottleneck might be implemented, so its easier to waster work hours like only one keel at a time, and if we want to produce more than one ship inside some time period we would need to build another dry-dock or something like that.
  12. I would like the gunports to open automaticly when entering battle, but be closed in open world.
  13. The ship should be able to carry 150 Kommercelæst a kommercelæst is a measurement that are equal too 2600kg and is equal to 22 barrels of rye the volume of a kommercelæst is equal to 82,5 Danish cubic feet in metric measurement that would be 2,55057 cubic meter so this ship could transport 382 cubic meter and 390 tons of gods. But this number might be low because according to Wikipedia then the Danes cheated and were publishing numbers that were 1/6 lower than there actual value to get a commercial advantage.
  14. From the text is it an ostindi fahrer, a trading ship that if necessary should be able to carry 36 cannons and on the ship is written DAC and I believe that is for Dansk asiatisk company. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danish_East_India_Company And it should be 108 feet long and 30 feet wide remember those are Danish feet
  15. I like the idea of pirate being able to make affiliations with a nation but it needs to come at a cost, and the cost should be limited amount of port they can hold themself. It might also help smaller nation, if the price for affiliate themself with a nation was based upon that nations playerbase, a great nation like England would not need more sailors, so their price for letting their reputation be spoiled by pirates would be high while smaller nation would be more tolerant considering the extra manpower, so the price would be a lot lover, maybe even 0, so a letter as a pirate from England might cost 500.000 gold while a letter from Sweden would be 20.000 gold.
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