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  1. Well, I see the game is finally up for release. Fittingly after spending a whole evening getting back into it haha. Oh well, good practice. Returning player from 2016 looking for a organized and reasonably active clan. Started in USS and then went on to form Disorderly Conduct with some of the guys from USS, then KF. Plan on crafting ships and blowing up things with friends now that there won't be another wipe! From my research it seems as though Havok may be a good fit! I'd like to join if you'll have me, thanks.
  2. He's not asking for a redeemable ship. He is asking if it would be possible to combine all your assets on one server into a redeemable package to transfer to another server. Essentially a way to merge servers. There is nothing about asking for free stuff in there, just the stuff one already has.
  3. I definitely think a shorter outpost to outpost cool down would be good for everything. It enables players to get to the parts of the game they find fun at nearly all times. Somewhere between 30-60 mins would get my vote. Keep 4 hours or even up it a little to TP with your ship to the capital. For those worried this will lessen frontline PvP, it simply requires you to setup an outpost near the enemy and hunt them in their "safe spot". I'd say it would actually increase opportunities to shoot at things.
  4. It would not take long for people to figure out the optimal fleet comp in such a system. I still think it would be better as it would afford smaller nations and those with less rank to participate more freely. It would also force a use for 4th and 5th rate ships. Depending on what the BR is capped at, it could even dramatically improve the current PB situation where spamming enough BR and sailing around makes the port essentially unconquerable in the allotted time. A system in which someone selected ships to join would make this just that much better of an idea. If you guys are really worried about people getting stuck outside, let everyone join, the team is selected, and those not selected are TP'd back to the nearest friendly port/capital or similar.
  5. I would argue that it would be more valid to reward an extra repair with 15min of not firing or getting hit. This means that if you want to live, you need to sail off and cannot contribute for a significant portion of the battle.
  6. There is no reason this can't be a player driven site. If people want it, it should be reasonably easy enough to make.
  7. I mean I wouldn't exactly say you guys won that fight. You had nearly 2x our numbers and we drove off or sunk 2x as many as you did (2 were cutters for impartiality). We also lasted the entire 90 min. It was a great battle, but I wouldn't be going around bragging like you crushed us. That victory will look good in our docks though.
  8. If you could keep gold and BPs, moving would be acceptable to most people. No merge needed. Not sure how that would work for those of us that have characters on both servers though.
  9. LHs are tied to your account is my understanding, but creating a new character is what pushes it to reset. There is not a way to currently abuse LHs afaik. To reset already accumulated hours is silly and just an easy way to piss people off that has a pretty simple solution.
  10. I'm guessing there is no recourse other than a sorry that happened. I too sent in the bug report
  11. Same freaking thing just happened to me. Should have searched the posts first, but I just made a new one because I was a little pissed. Its actually 60 real hours wasted btw. 30 lost and 30 to get back to where you were.
  12. Hello, I logged into PVP1 for the first time just to poke around. Absent any warning for doing so, all 1200-1300 LHs I should have had were reset to zero. That is over 28 hours lost that I now just get to wait. They are obviously linked because I have zero on PVP2 as well. Why the heck would it work that way? Is there any recourse to this or am I just going to get screwed?
  13. You will alienate a large playerbase without the ability/need to use end game SOLs. Especially if the only reason they can't is because they can't afford them.
  14. Pavel requires 26 knees and Victory 32.
  15. That I think would be a mistake. You could easily incorporate features that have been in games before that would drive pvp opportunities without limiting access to it by requiring exclusively crafted ships. Crafted ships are already head and shoulders above NPC ones
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