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  1. Pirates nation or not are free to play as they wish and take any side they want, stop being silly
  2. Something similar happened to me two days ago, I was arriving to Mortimer Town when I saw a US renomee, I thought that was not a big deal as I was close to Mortimer and I pass near the renomee. Suddenly 10 of his friends logged in and all of them attacked me at once. I think an easy fix could be that after logging in you shouldn't be able to attack anyone for 5 minutes or so, but you will be able to be attacked. That would avoid login off in front of an enemy port waiting for the port battle to open and avoiding the blockade also.
  3. Si crees que nos hemos ido a piratas con la escusa de la jugabilidad es que no tienes ni idea. Lo que me hubiera gustado es que no hubierais esperado al ultimo momento para juntaros y aun seguiriamos todos jugando en España.
  4. I hope the devs come with some kind of hotfix soon, also there should be a Rules section, when looking for the game rules the only rules I found were "friendly kills for all nations are not allowed." post.
  5. Esos tres puertos estaban acordados que eran nuestros, por eso fuimos a tomarlos, y los ingleses en vez de intentar renegociar lo primero que hicieron es amenazarnos con que si cojiamos los puertos entrariamos en guerra y que nos darían los puertos cuando pudieramos defenderlos. El tratado que estaba vigente en el momento lo rompieron ellos y de mala manera.
  6. Don't try to stop an attack you smelled telling us we needed to negotiate and telling us the meeting had to be in that precise moment....
  7. The war started when British broke an agreement we had and instead of talking to us in order to change that agreement they threatened us.
  8. I think capture flag should be removed from the game. I think this system would make much more sense and much less exploitable if exploitable at all: If one nation make an attack from La Habana to Mariel for example the defenders would have 30 mins in order to prepare the defense, every player who wants to participate in the battle should check in in the port where the attack starts and move to the battle from there. When the 30 mins ends the port battle would open and only the players who checked in would have access. There would be no limit to the number of players who can check in.
  9. I don't understand why there is a flag in the first place, this system is highly exploitable, making an attack against other nation and giving enough time to the defenders in order to prepare the defence should be enough.
  10. Dejaos de tonterias y luchad malditos!!!
  11. If Spain gets allied with everyone I rather go and play Hello Kitty online.
  12. I made some kind of graphic, I hope it makes sense: I think we would need a minimum of 6 hours capture timers for being able to have a chance conquering ports in our prime time. 4:00 a.m. Game Time = 5:00 a.m. Spain Time Maybe setting a 8 hours safe time for each nation by players vote would help too, so no other nation can attack your ports without timers while your nation is sleeping. Spain could have a protection for all his ports from 1:am to 09:am for example, same for all other nations. That 8 hours sleeping protection time would prevent timer trolling by enemies wi
  13. All that would help but the real problem we are facing is not addressed within that list. I don't think is a Spanish problem only, any faction fighting other nation with opposite timers will face the same problem. We would need to have the ability to recapture ports in EU time, something like 10 a.m to 01 .am. We have enough people to capture ports in that time. For that we would need to have a wider timer margin longer than 2 hours, with a 6 to 8 hours timer we would have a chance to capture ports.
  14. Hi I think port capture time on servers should be limited to some reasonable timers. For example Europe Pv1 server should be limited something between 11a.m to 02 a.m. GMT It wouldn't be possible to set the capture timer to 5:00 a.m. in the morning or something like that, it wouldn't be possible to capture any port between 2 a.m. to 11 a.m. Having to capture a port at 5:00 am in the morning is a game breaker and not fun. Some wars are just timer wars rather than real battles. Ports without capture timer are captured when the defenders are not available to defend it and tim
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