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  1. //rp off All, This forum thread has been hijacked by certain French and Swedish Captains regarding the War of the Lesser Antilles, which already has two open threads regarding it. The primary point these agitators would like to point out is that as a direct result of the British defeating the French at Fredericksted, 400 players left the server. It would also have you believe that because the British are doing PVE missions, crafting, PvPing, and RvRing, that they are exploiting the game and ruining the server for new players. These two arguments could not be farther from the truth.
  2. //rp off Aethlstan, All the rest of Britain?! Which Fleet and Squadron leaders did you have a formal meeting with as a leader/diplomat? We have served honorably with most of the British nation against the US and Pirates, and so I would imagine "frowned" would mean that the other members of the British Navy are going to take part in another campaign. So, you (your society) never came to talk to the British Fleet actually here, made a ton of baseless accusations, chatted with some random members of the British Navy that are not Fleet Leaders, and then made an entire thread that had the
  3. Sir, So, in your mind, the entire British Navy is beset upon the Swedes? I would find that thought process highly inaccurate along with being absolutely untrue. I tire of the flippant, baseless remarks made in this discussion. No one is attempting to discuss that the French have a right to do "this or that". Simply, really attempt to listen instead of just shout back at someone actually attempting to have a discussion with you. I have never said you were the new pirate nation, and in fact I challenge you personally to cite anywhere on these forums in which I stated that. My statement is,
  4. Captain Ajffighter, An astute observation, it would be even more astute if you made your argument holistic and stated that the there is "an awful lot of green in French Louisiana". Also, to note, I don't recall any French Fleet or Squadron raising any issues regarding the isle of Hispaniola, though, we weren't a part of those engagements as I am sure some of your countrymen will attest we were attempting to assist you in your engagements with the Anarchists at the time those ports were taken. I would beg Sweden and France to grasp that if you push the small British Squadron out of your wa
  5. Eulogy, I was very disappointed in your post regarding the West Indies Squadron. Our Squadron has not taken any part in the seizure of any Danish port. We have taken part in one retaken British port, one attempt at a Swedish port, and one captured Pirate port. I would request that you attempt to be respectful and diligent in your statements, because quite frankly they are without any truth or merit. As my grandfather was a former sailor in the Caribe, I can say without a doubt that the reason he returned to the Duchy of Courland was because he spent more time defending his good name t
  6. Poe, I implore you to stop this nonsense. In the past I had the utmost respect for you, Vlad, and OMG as a group that we got to cut our teeth on in Roberts with. The bottom line is you gentlemen had that opportunity as well, and you went to the Windward Islands and smashed the French. We actually fought the US at La Inagua last week and won the port battle, however as stated we really enjoy pvp'ing with you gentlemen. Regards, Casgar Rovelle
  7. //rp off Mr. SoulPYTHON, Hello, thank you for the well thought out response. To my knowledge, the British nation is the 2nd or 3rd largest faction in the game, and there are many different Fleets and Sqaudrons with different agendas. I don't know who "u" is, but I have never stated the 1st or 2nd listed discussion as posted about. With respect to Spanish Town, you may want to file an admin ticket regarding Spanish Town being a British port at the start of the map, because factually it is. What actually happened was the Swedish attack Spanish Town, The Settlement, Charleston, Bassete
  8. //rp off Good day, Speaking from my own perspective, I enjoy the Leeward Islands and the Windward Island areas for PvP. I don't believe my compatriots and I are interested in crushing the Swedes or Danes. For me, I would like to see some of the Danes ports retaken by them. I think its important for Sweden, Denmark, and Spain to have the 4 port packages needed to craft (on PvP2). I am a firm believer that this game will be successful if the community understands that regardless of game play, we really need everyone other than cheaters to make this game the very best it can be. That me
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