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  1. I didn't know what 'MURICA' was, so I googled it, turns out it is some sort of canoe: Not all that overpowered if you ask me? ~Brigand
  2. Call me a cinic, but I think random ships would only serve to increase the number of disconnects. ~Brigand
  3. In previous post @admin had already said : "payment model will be similar to Guild Wars 2." (link | blogpost of Guild Wars 2 payment model). "We are going to sell copies and sell premium content (ships) in the store." (link) For a discussion on the payment model please continue in the thread: What would you be willing to pay for Naval Action MMO? (topic closed) ~Brigand
  4. You sure about that I got the the burthen from threedecks.org. ~Brigand
  5. Updated: added tonnage (burthen) for cutter. ~Brigand
  6. The timeline has been set as 1680 till 1820 +-5 years. With a later comment stating: 1600-1830 hard limit 1690-1790 preferred ~Brigand
  7. I'm tempted to close this topic here and now. But let's see what comes from it. To be clear, the game is in developement; it is not a finished product and has not been advertised as such. All effort is now on getting the Open World ready for early access testing. The purpose of the Sea Trials (Battle Arena) is to provide testing data that enables the combat mechanics to be worked out and improved. The Sea Trials are not a design goal: they are not build to provide a long lasting intersting gameplay. Any effort put in keeping the Sea Trials interesting for the current group of early access pl
  8. First of all, I'm not part of the development team, I'm just a volunteer keeping an eye on the forums. From what I have been able to piece together about the Open World is that the economy will play a role in it. How you would acquire a ship is also not clear yet. Maybe you get assigned one from the admiralty based on your track record (in which case you maybe you could loose your rank?) maybe some other method will be thought out, we simply don't know. There have been definite hints that you will loose your ship when she sinks and won't magically reappear in port (but nothing has been con
  9. I'm going to have to disappoint you. The object of the game is not about unlocking ship, in fact, the Sea Trials (battle arena) are only build to allow the testing of the ships. The unlocking by earning damage points is build so that each ship gets enough testing time, instead of everybody jumping straight for the Victory. At this point in time, it is unknown how you get access to ships in the open world. ~Brigand
  10. I'm always a bit sceptical about the historical accuracy of documentaries, even more so when they are aired on popular channels. ~Brigand
  11. Beatifull ship. Nice to see that the later era ships could still be highly decorated and build along the lines of a ship, instead of the lines of a frigate. ~Brigand
  12. I only stumbled upon the painting by sheer coincidence (I was looking for image that showed a guy pendent attached to the boom of brig or schooners). The painting is Pacific Intentions, A visit to Hope at Cumshewa's August 20, 1791 by Mark Myers; (painting info, painter infp, more images). I agree that the netting is somewhat extreme, mostly because the boom is prevented from moving to either starboard or larboard. ~Brigand
  13. Just a nice painting: ~Brigand
  14. Cleaned up this thread a bit. This is not the general 'Questions to developers' topic. If you asked a question somewhere else and for some reason it was missed, it please post it here. ~Brigand
  15. I would rather not see the developers waste spend their time on items which serve no purpose but decorating a virtual room. I would rather see the development effort go to the core gameplay :-) ~Brigand
  16. Originally, the name was a translated back from some Russian model kit, so my comment was not about Heemskerck with a c, but some completely mangled form of it, which I thought made most sense to mean Heemskerk, a guess which turned out to be correct. The topic title has been updated since. ~Brigand
  17. I'm pretty sure I read somewhere that smoke will be revisited in a future build, after the current game has been optimised some more and if they have room (fps-wise) for further improvements. ~Brigand
  18. The topic IDEA, Training Room has been merged into this one. I think it is a very good suggestion, people will definitely need some sort of training and experimenting waters once the open world is available. I do not think it will be added to the current Sea Trials (Battle Arena) game play though, all the development effort is currently focused on the open world. ~Brigand
  19. The Wasa sank just after leaving for the first time because her design was fatally flawed. The main shipwright for her had died not long after the keel was laid down, the king demanded more guns and more impressive dimensions, the ship had to be ready before schedule (king's orders), etc. etc. The result was a ship that was instable, due to a combination of to much weight above the waterline and too narrow a hull. The issue was known to some people, such as the boatswain, who demonstrated the fact by having a bunch of sailors run from starboard to larboard and back again. He was ordered to s
  20. No details are given yet on how interacting with the port side businesses would look like, but I would not count on any 3D environment for ports where you can move around. It has been mentioned that there will be not walking around with our avatar. This does not mean that port side business should look uninspired, it could still be very immersive, just less interactive. ~Brigand
  21. Wow, that's quite a difference. So the modern lynx can only be called a historically inspired schooner, not a replica nor period correct. Interesting. ~Brigand
  22. There is this curious attitude on the internet, especially pronounced in gaming, that rude and toxic behaviour is just to be accepted, because "there is nothing you can do about it". The problem with this line of reasoning is that it leads to a self-fulfilling prophecy: if everybody acts like there is, indeed, nothing you can do about a-social behaviour on the internet, the toxic behaviour will continue to flourish. People somehow accept toxic behaviour online, while they would most definitely not accept it in the real world. If the same toxic behaviour that is so prevalent online would be s
  23. In the Player selected ship 2015 - Suggestions-thread, @admin mentioned: 1600-1830 hard limit 1690-1790 preferred But as of now, the earlies vessel in the list is the Ingermanland (1715). ~Brigand
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