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  1. Admin has stated that they are not sure about travel map(s) yet, because they like the idea that you can get lost. ~Brigand
  2. This sounds awfully arcady to me. For me, the point of a sandbox MMO is that you can do whatever you want and find your own rewards in it. By creating pre-set awards, the gameplay is channelled into pre-set patterns, which actually narrows down the creative gameplay opportunities. Any artificial reward system just masks the lack of enduring gameplay by shepherding the players into pre-set patterns. I'm not playing an open world game so that I can get rewards for semi random predefined threshold values. I play an open world game because I can define my own goals, my own achievements and my
  3. So, if I understand you correctly, you say that you would be happy if stats would only be supplied at clan/guild level? Thereby putting the focus on team win instead of individual win? For me, this would be a workable compromise I guess. ~Brigand
  4. The 'problem' with stats, even if private by default, is that they change the object/goal of the game. Without stats, a players position on the ranking will be determined by 'soft' qualifiers, people can argue about what is even meaningful and what is not. In general though, winning the game as a group seems to prevail as best metric for success in those cases. The individual role of the participants in the group can be hotly debated. If you provide stats, there is not debate; the stats are correct (negative impact on social interaction?). Stats being private by default makes no differenc
  5. Oh my, I was completely in the wrong section of the forums. Please ignore me and my errors! ~Brigand
  6. Good picture, I believe it is from Steel's practice of rigging and seamanship? Apart from showing the bilander with its round stern clearly visible, it also clearly shows the snow still having a loose footed gaff sail, where the brig has a gaff + boom. The other difference between the two is also clearly shown: the snow sets a course (which she can do without complications, because of her snow mast) and the brig sets a staysail instead. The staysail effectively mimics the in-front-of-the-mast part of a lateen sail. The ketch clearly shows that she evolved from a single masted vessel, w
  7. My first comments where on the fact that the topic title says brig where the plans say brigantin. By the last quarter of the 18th century, in Northern Europe, the terms brig and brigantine described separate rigs, although the terms where still used somewhat interchangeably. I don't know when the split in terminology appeared in the Mediterranean. The rig as shown would, according to the terminology we use now, be called a brig. Some more comments on these plans in the OP. The lateen (or settee) sail was retained a lot longer in the Mediterranean than in other European waters. It was used
  8. Looks like a print from one of the Osprey Publishing books. ~Brigand
  9. The below are direct quotes from the book "The Liverpool Privateers and the Liverpool Slave Trade" by G. Williams, published in 1897. The following is from Williamson's Advertiser, Liverpool of Feb. 17th, 1758:- "For Sale a Healthful Negro Boy, about 5 feet high, well proportioned, of a mild, sober, honest disposition; has been with his present master 3 years, and used to wait on a table, and to assist in a stable." On the 8th of September, 1758, the following appeared in the same paper: "Run away from Dent, in Yorkshire, on Monday, the 28th August last, Thomas Anson, a negro man, about
  10. What you say may be true, after they abolished slavery. Before that, any black man caught was sold, it was the law and who is an empire to let a good profit go to waste? ~Brigand
  11. Just dropping in to say I'm really happy to see this topic being discussed in the way it is now. Cheers, to all and cheers to a good discussion. ~Brigand
  12. While this is confirmed by the museum to be a consistent rumour, they found no evidence on the wreck of any open gun ports. In fact, the evidence points they found at the wreck to the other direction. The theory put forward by the museum is that it may have been a rumour invented after she sank, to keep the king happy: if she sank due to open gun ports, the captain was to blame (he drowned, so no problem there), if however the Wasa sank while the gun ports were closed, the blame came dangerously close to pointing at the king's own decisions. In the official hearing that was conducted in th
  13. for anyone wondering about the row of 'flags' hanging from the yards in the picture in the post above me, they are hammocks hanging out to dry. ~Brigand
  14. This is just me, personally, thinking about how things would turn out if a there was enough freedom in fitting and equipping ships. I don't think admin has, as of yet, mentioned anything about ship fitting. ~Brigand
  15. I think that almost any vessel can be jury rigged to carry one or more gun. The same goes the other way: if there is sufficient advantage to be gained by removing guns, people may fit out unarmed ships. ~Brigand
  16. The marketing department most likely. ~Brigand
  17. The plans says brigantine? Edit: but the newly added second images shows a brig rig, got it. It seems kinda implausible though. It has a lateen on the main mast while being dated 1775, the man at the quarterdeck seems to be holding a steering wheel, which would not be placed there. The high rising bow sprit was more typical of an earlier era. I'm guessing this is a somewhat cheap model kit. ~Brigand
  18. If whatever statistic will be available, I think the hashed bitmasks used as keys in EVE are really worth looking at. For me personally? No statistics please. Statistics have a negative impact on a game and gameplay if you ask me. ~Brigand
  19. The number of guns for a ship is counted in 'nominal guns'. I'm not sure about the exact rules, but if I remember correctly, if you have a 24 pounders on you gun deck, anything below 18 pounders is not counted in the nominal gun count. Bow and stern chasers are of course also excluded. ~Brigand
  20. Captain si1foo, You have to remember that there currently is no game, there is only an alpha testing phase and people who pre-ordered the game got the Yacht as a pre-order bonus. As a special privilege, all people who have pre-ordered the game are also allowed to test some very early aspects of gameplay, before the game will be released. The Sea Trials (battle arena) have been build to test the combat mechanic for the future game. The testing access to the Sea Trials (battle arena) should by no means be confused with a finished product or even with the game you bought: the game you paid fo
  21. Brigand

    Ship Classes

    You could as well remove the section about the 13th century 'small oar driven warship' because, other than its name, it has no relation to the Brigantine of later ages. As an illustration, I present these: (In the left hand side painting, the Brigantin is the the vessel on the right) Cheers! Brigand
  22. Save games work very well in a single player environment, in a multiplayer game like Naval Action, not so much. Also, please remember that currently, Naval Action is in an alpha testing phase: it is nowhere near a finished product. In fact, the Sea Trials (battle arena) are only build to facilitate the testing of the combat mechanics. We may be tricked by the smooth gameplay into thinking this is a game, but it is not: it is a testing tool. Hope this helps, Brigand
  23. I think it depends on the angle from which you look at it. If you look at the mechanics from the merchant point of view, you see an escort system. If you look at it from the fleet duty point of view, you get something very close to battle arena fighting. ~Brigand
  24. I really like the looks of the first ship you posted! This one seems to be a mortar vessel. A ketch, judging by the fact that the aft mast is a mizzen. ~Brigand
  25. English iron processing, especially the casting of cannons, in generally accepted as being superior to that of the French. At the same time, the quality of Swedish, Spanish and Dutch iron was deemed equally good. ~Brigand
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