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  1. Outside time frame, by a fair margin. (closing topic) ~Brigand
  2. The Dutch colors and, more importantly, building shapes need to be different: references: klokgevel, dom toren Utrecht. ~Brigand
  3. Tell me about it, in the Dutch republic they used different feet in different cities, so far I've encountered 6 different sizes and one reference to miscalculations (in the 17th century) as a result of the difference in length between the Amsterdam foot and the Rijnlandsh foot. Maybe some Spanish forum member has better access to historic sources and can come up with a more definite answer on the weight of a Spanish pound in grams in the 18th century? ~Brigand
  4. If making money is to be the best argument in game development, quality and gameplay experience suffer. So far, Game Labs has shown (by closing the pre-orders) that they care about the gameplay experience first and money second. There are plenty of whaling ships out there that fit right into the presented time line. Although I don't really see why we would need one, because whaling has been mentioned to be a 'maybe somewhere in the future, but don't hold your breath' feature. ~Brigand
  5. The best information we have on the time frame is: In the Player selected ship 2015 - Suggestions-thread, @admin mentioned: 1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred. Where many feel that 1830 is stretching it. In other words, this ship is outside the time line by a fair margin. ~Brigand
  6. If you are sure about it, I could easily change it. How many grams would a Spanish pound be? ~Brigand
  7. USS Essex (1799) added to the list. I could, but right now I don't have time to research the fate of each ship in the list. Cheers, Brigand
  8. I've updated the title of this topic and added 'swifvel-guns' into the second-last poll option, just to avoid confusion. Cheers, Brigand
  9. Please forgive me for dropping in on the French section of the forums with an English post. Some time ago, I posted a topic in the shipyards section about an indiaman 'prince of wales' (1740). However, there seems to have been no ship by this name at the time. Looking at her again today, her paint scheme reminded me of the colours used in France. (more images) Does anyone here know if this was by any chance a French ship, which was been decorated with an English name on her stern (by the model maker)? I would love to find some plans for her. Cordialement, Brigand
  10. Since this thread describes four frigates, all going by the name of HMS Surprise (two of which happen to have also been known L'Unite/Unite), I think it would be most helpfull if, for the purpose of this thread, people would state which HMS Surprise they are talking about (preferably by naming a year). From what I can make up, @HMS Scatter is talking about 'L'Unite (1794) -> HMS Surprise' and maybe also about 'Fifth Rate Gracieuse (1787) -> Unite -> HMS Unite' ? And @Lieste seems to be talking about 'L'Unite (1794) -> HMS Surprise' ? ~Brigand
  11. I've added a new paragraph clarifying my intentions for how morale should work. Moral is separate from winning or loosing a battle. What you describe with morale returning to its starting point is not far off from what I intend. Only I would not have it automatically return, instead I would let the event swing it around. Also, morale should not be influenced by morale. In other words, a low morale score should not increase the chances that morale will stay low. Or, in immersive terms: a crew with low morale has low expections, so exceeding those expectations is easier than if they had a hi
  12. A brig is a type of sailing rig. It says little about the size or sea worthiness of a vessel. Some brigs were large, some brigs were small, some had a very shallow draft. Some were build for use on lakes, some were used on the open ocean. The USS Brig Eagle was clearly not build for the open ocean. ~Brigand
  13. Somebody mentioned DelftShip somewhere earlier. Do you have any professional command on that? How does it compare to Draftsight? ~Brigand
  14. and Right now, if your ship sinks, control is taken away from the player. Taking away control from the player in case of really bad morale (crew surrender) is no different: it will only result in an alternate win condition; alternate win conditions are good. Loose conditions should be: 1. your ship sinks, or 2. your crew surrenders. A sunken ship will result in the ship being lost for gameplay purposes, Crew surrender will allow for an easy capture by the enemy.If the enemy does not capture the ship, the player could maybe regain control of his crew and try to escape (more gameplay o
  15. @admin made a relevant post to this: Hope this gives a bit of guidance, ~Brigand
  16. Nice to see some more merchant vessels being added to the list. +1 for your nice and detailed method of presenting ships! ~Brigand
  17. I'm not sure how it is by now, but cap-ship proliferation was (two year ago?) a serious problem. The number of supercaps alliances were able to field was used as a deterrent. It made sure big alliances stayed on top while smaller alliances were crushed. After you have build your 50th titan, they are not so precious any more and you can start having fun with the next batch, they did. To illustrate the issue: I like small ships (you my have noticed that I like small ships here, I liked small ship in EVE Online as well) and I like scouting. So, fleet commanders liked sending me out there in
  18. I don't really believe it would be a good idea to shoot a side facing cannon mounted as shown in the OP. I thought cannons in small boats where invariably solidly attached to the hull/deck and front facing. I can only imagine a vessel like this would capsize by the recoil of the cannon. But, maybe there is good facts backing up the image? ~Brigand
  19. This seems a nice solution: Edit: You could inegrate the loading indicator into it: ~Brigand
  20. In this case I was referring to height above the water line. In other words: the Fridericus Quintus has more bulk above the waterline. Also, I'm not advocating against her, or at least no more than I'm advocating against anything with more than, say, 48 guns. But that is just me, I like the small ships. ~Brigand
  21. I think they are not all that similar. Sure, they are both three deckers and if you only look at the gun count, the difference isn't all that large. The hull of the Fridericus Quintus is a bit more bulky, something which would influence her ability to sail close to the wind, but I don't think the difference is pronounced enough to make a huge difference. The sail plans however are a world apart: the most obvious difference is the lateen on the Fridericus Quintus for which the HMS Victory as a (gaff) spanker. Next come the size of the sail, the victory has smaller sail, which enable eas
  22. The best information we have on the time frame is: In the Player selected ship 2015 - Suggestions-thread, @admin mentioned: 1600-1830 hard limit, 1690-1790 preferred. But many feel that 1830 is stretching it. Ships currently confirmed to be in the game range from 1715 (Ингерманланд/Ingermanland) to 1820 (Меркурий/Mercury). Hope this helps, ~Brigand
  23. Well, we have this: But it could do with an update. ~Brigand
  24. The sail plan for ships of these times are not very imaginative. This is actually a good thing when it comes to figuring out what sail plan was used. The below image give a good representation of what you could realistically expect for a ship of the size and date you posted plans for: (minus the topgallant spar on the mizzen) ~Brigand
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