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  1. Zerging, Using massive amounts of weak, or generic units, to attack an enemy. http://www.urbandictionary.com/define.php?term=zerging So what your saying is, it's unfair for people to advance in the game because you don't want to? Do what you need to do to get better, your time could be better spent hitting a few fleets instead of whining on the forums. From the outside looking in it may look like that but we get our fair share of problems. There has never been endless resources, we have had droughts of certain basic materials. It has never been harassment free fleeting either, ot
  2. Firstly no need for name calling, you're not a pirate anymore. 4 GB clans, I thought it was the entirety of the GB Nation that was zerging you? I really wouldn't count 2 people from the same clan in one battle as an entire clan being there. If I was to join a fight against Sweden, that doesn't mean that all of SoB has now resolved to join your war. I've looked at all the screenshots and it's clearly WIS and TCF who occasionally get help unless I somehow missed a screenshot that shows a battle with 25 GB memebers that are not mostly WIS and TCF.
  3. GB doesn't have several clans operating in several fronts, GB has two small clans fighting two nations around Puerto Rico who have to ask the plebs for help as they don't have the numbers to fill a port battle. SoB will occasional fight with the US but as far as I'm aware that's the only battles going on. GB is not zerging anyone or else the numbers would be a lot higher, GB is not picking on anyone it's just two small clans taking a dead nation's ports for whatever reason. Please stop with these post that make it out like Sweden is such a victim and GB is just a tyrant nation out to reduce yo
  4. Is SoB still the best British clan on PVP 2? Of course, why else would SoB be spoken about so much in every nation.
  5. There is no zerg, just a few small clans looking for pvp.
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