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  1. Yes, it is. it is a text change in a UI...something that would take at most a couple minutes. But in the end it is something that would help new players that may see this on steam and buy it cause sailing ships are cool. They may not have read anything, seen anything, then get frustrated as they sink. I know many people that post here are less casual, more experimental. But what about the future? This game will grow and get more complex...so why not change a trivial thing that is causing some issues now, huh?
  2. People that play games are stubborn. You play a game for a while and you lock into things...and even the slightest suggestion of change is an affront to all you know and are. People hate change, gamers hate change even more it would seem.

  3. That is true, but the point is that even though survival is an appropriate term for that period. Times change, society changes and the view of a word can change in it's use. Society is more familiar with damage control and what happens with it then with survival in that context. It is all still Survival to be sure, a fire raging out of control on a wooden ship is just as dangerous to a modern frigate or cruiser. But the term was coined for its descriptive nature, to control further damage. To me, after seeing post after post in the help and faction chat, I figure changing a couple word
  4. This is a suggestion from the perspective of a completely new player. Keep that in mind please. If you have been hanging around the faction or help chat any, you may see this post "CRAP...I have a leak and repair isn't fixing it." or may be "%#$@ $%#$@%^ #$@% I just sank to a leak I could not fix $@#!$##!!" Why, why is this so prevalent in new players? Simply put when your new in the game and you get a leak you think "repair". You have a leak, you want to repair it. The term "survival" means something different in many minds, it means to stay alive and is not directly related to re
  5. I am not that much of a fan of having to explore everywhere just to get the map. I do this a lot in other games and it is just....silly. I mean you have a place where people have been for a good long time, where they have put towns and stuff where ever they could...and you, the captain are going about redrawing a map that has been drawn a thousand times before instead of just buying a proper chart. It defies a certain amount of sense. I could see if this were a single player game where you are a lone explorer venturing into the unknown to return charts and treasure to a patron. But not
  6. I suppose a topographic approach could be used to find a place in the sea. Remember ships of the day would tak depth readings determining the number of fathoms deep and the content of the ocean floor (sandy, Sandy with shells, Muddy...dead fish). So if you also had the map have variable depths, you could let the player take a depth reading and have some idea of an area they are in from that reading. A thought.
  7. Gunnery can be a pain. The ships is moving, your target is moving, the cannon shot is going all willy nilly...it is all just a very large best guess. This make it a challenge, and there is the fun. What I do not like though is that some how, you can not give an order to fire while using the Spyglass. To range a shot you need to fire, then quickly press Shift and hope you can spot where the round lands. What I propose is that the Spyglass and Gunnery sighting are integrated. While in gunnery mode, if you use the spyglass you get the same elevation indicator as without. By raising an
  8. I am some one that dislikes a single level based experience system, something this game is using. The problem with levels is there is no tuning and at the end of the day it is limiting...you limit progress, you limit endgame, Once you get to the top...what is the point. That said I do not think an economic system would also be the best. Since it forces the player to focus on a single goal...money. Do I have enough gold to buy shot, powder, replacement crew, better crew, repairs, provisions. It is messy and a lot of mental overhead that is not needed in a game. I mean that is why ships
  9. I Like the idea to a degree. Though first a pirate should have to work for their amnesty. I suggest that Pirates may not be as...unloyal as some would think. You combine piracy with a reputation system using your punishment system. But a pirate can shop around a little. If say you have been plundering wartime enemies of a ration, they may see you as a good investment. You would still loose ranks, but not as much if you have helped their cause. This can also be the method the faction change. If your tired of say the British, you attack them and loose rep becoming a pirate (in thei
  10. Depending the time period this is set, you could have to buy a Chronometer. Remember the invention of the chronometer was the defining point in navigation that allowed the navigators to find Longitude. They would be new and shiny tech in this games time.
  11. It would be very hard to create any navigational aid without defining a starting position relative or otherwise. After all, to find a course, you need a destination and a starting point. And yes a circle can indicate. And as for 1...heh. I can barely navigate a three block radius around where I live I think your expectations are highly optimistic.
  12. As a new player I like the idea proposed by the moderator, with one exception, the guns. Instead of limiting then to their 10th class guns, allow the basic to have access to 9th class also. May be adding in a 8lb Carronade. Then it could be renamed to the "Training Cutter". This would give new players to marginally better firepower and range options from the 10th Class weapons without causing the ship to be a dominating zerg. This would separate it from the Cutter (allowed better guns) but still give the players in them a chance to defend themselves if they are set upon by a player in
  13. As my first post I have a suggestion. I request an inkling of where I am on the map. To be clear, I am not after a laser perfect GPS pointer...nope. But navigation in that time was also not as hit and miss as their charts, compass, speed measurements, and other navigational aids were accurate enough to allow ships to cross the oceans and build great trade empires. What I suggest is a circle, an area indication of where the Navigator believes the ship is. As the ship travels and spends more time traveling, the circle gets bigger indicating the growing inaccuracy that occurs, to a limit.
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