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  1. A gilded cage is but a cage. And the swedish cage wasn't exactly gilded - a 40p crafting port and 2 regions? Don't get me laughing, I don't have the energy for it.. Besides - this is a wargame, Sweden shouldn't be so incompetent at war that it has to be so afraid from the second smallest nation in the game. It does lend credence to my poignant remark about swedes tho - You're cowards. Simple really.
  2. That ship has sailed I'm afraid. The weak need their bonus' to compete and what matters now is how to balance time, effort spent and accessability with what was originally promised - a skill based game.
  3. If however you're refering to my silence, then have no fear - Lars Kjaer is still here.. I'm sick tho so I'm not really in the mood for banter. Idiot - see rulebook, article 3.
  4. Lars Kjaer

    Civil war

    Oh I think Sweden would have a lot of internal sitting in port, port battles....
  5. Actually. There I stand corrected. I should have been more precise. And prob not jump to conclusions...... Idiot - see Russo-danish rule book, article 3.
  6. Idiot. The OP asks wether or not it is allowed to move alts to another nation, then use those alts to retake ports already owned by the original clan from the original nation, thus keeping them in the hands of the same individuals that moved nation. I'm a teacher by profession but I simply do not have the years, nor the patience to keep educating you. Would you please in the future read what the OP writes rather than just jump to conclusions based on whatever comment I may have made? EDIT: And just fyi.. I reference a known case where something similar has occured and laconically states 'yes' as in 'yes, it is allowed'. How can that be misinterpreted to the exact opposite?
  7. San Juan. So yes. Were you atleast allowed to defend?
  8. And yet, Sweden has admitted that the timers around CS is basically troll timers. Wasn't it @Liq who stated: Troll redoubtables, troll timers. I don't know the MRGA clan, there is a possibility that they are in fact US tz players. CABAL and HAVOC isn't however. They are predominantly european and only uses timerdodging to avoid fights. I actually don't mind players using mechanics to their advantage, I just don't see the game being better for it - hence I suggest a mechanics change. The only solution, to get a playable game for all, is regional servers. IF you have a better solution, please feel free to come up with one that hasn't already been tested. As for the no shows, well keep shitty timers, have a shitty time in port.
  9. Third iteration of the weekly update is being uploaded now, it brings a bit of a rant and I haven't really experimented a whole lot in this video since I've been a bit ill lately so timestamps are still the focus for next video.
  10. Not sure what part of: Then feel free to come up with your own suggestion that would limit/eliminate abuse, you're not comprehending. My solution is viable, doable and quite frankly natural. What solution would you propose?
  11. Actually I have offered a solution: Regional servers. And you didn't have 3-4 PBs at the same time, you intentionally set Hat Island in order to not attend and keep us from screening on behalf of the russians. And you did start the no shows, and the timer dodging. @admin has suggested he has a solution to the no shows, I applaud that, what I'm suggesting is a clean, easy to implement solution to the timerdodging. Feel free to come up with a better solution, if you can.. I think we've tested all solutions before and the only one working without abuse was regional servers.
  12. Not really, you abuse the timers, we've been perfectly clear that we will continue to set PBs and decide wether we want to attend or not. You did start the no shows you know. And the timers are your own making as well, so enjoy the empty PBs... well empty untill you decide not to show..
  13. The empty PB was one the swedes set on us, we were the defending side and the swedes basically set the port and no showed. Since then, well we've been doing the same but it has very little to do with RvR or with regional servers. Atm - and this is actually the case since before the servermerge - the US tz pop and the EU tz pop has very little actual interaction with one another and if the only interaction there is is going to be griefing and troll timers, well then I suggest we cut the bs and make regional servers. There's a reason why every other MMO out there has regional servers.
  14. Actually I didn't state anything about the russians at all. Abusing timers to avoid a fight is cowardly regardless of wether you're a russian, swede or some other yellow-bellied coward. As I see it - Sweden abuses the timers around CS in order to avoid fights. You tell me if that's the same elsewhere, but quite honestly - I care only for the coward I'm looking at..
  15. So now the thread has degenerated into finger pointing and all we can safely conclude is that everyone apparently use timerdodging. @admin if not regionalservers, how then will this problem be combatted?
  16. It only failed on the global server because it was a global server. It wasn't a true US server so basically the only server that has actually worked was the EU server. A regional server. EDIT: And I do actually find it's cowardly to hide behind timers. It's the very point I'm making in favor of a mechanic that can't be abused. But you're right, I shouldn't blame players for poor mechanics, so let's hear how @admin will deal with the timer dodging..
  17. I have never edited a post without writing what has been edited.. or included. You might not like me, nor my suggestions, but in Denmark we have a saying: a thief believes that every man steals - Don't judge me by your standards.
  18. Well atleast we neither cheat nor hide from battles.. so there is that. If u don't like the no shows, how about you prevent the hostility creation?
  19. To qoute @Tac: That ship sailed long ago. I'm done being 'respectfull' to a bunch of... well I won't go down that road rn, who does nothing but hide from battles, exploit and cry about no shows, when I actually fumed quite a bit about the no show at Hat Island and then it was a ok - part and parcel of RvR. What changed? Why is no shows suddenly not ok anymore when it was at Hat Island? And when has it ever been ok to be too much of a coward to take a, and again I'd like to qoute tac, no contest PB against a DLC fleet? Sweden are nothing but cowards and exploiters so, srry but unless you can explain why one side being disrespectfull to the other side is ok, when it's not ok for the other side to be the same - then I'm gonna continue finding ways to hello kitty up your game time. Enjoy.
  20. @admin I would like to know what is to be done to counter the cowardice of abusing timers to avoid fights? It's been an age old discussion, one we've had since servermerge actually, but it hasn't been abused to the degree that Sweden is doing atm. We (danno-norwegians) has no nighttime fleet, so putting all timers around CS to nighttime effectively rules out DK/NG from RvR, at the same time the clans who holds the ports are admitting that it's to bypass Denmark-Norway in RvR and even bragging about their cowardice. I have one suggestion that would remove the griefing the Swedes are comitted to. Impose regional servers - NOT EU and Global servers - EU/US servers. Like literally every other MMO out there we need to funnel players into avenues of their best game time. Does this mean that we can't cross over? - No, but it means that one side can't abuse a timer mechanic to grief another side. If not regional servers, what is the solution then?
  21. I believe regional servers will be a better solution.
  22. Guess Denmark-Norway just has too many PBs to attend. Btw.. You set the PBs not us. If you couldn't fill them - don't set them. Now we're setting PBs but unfortunately it seems real easy to convince ppl to do the hostility, but it REALLY hard to convince them to stay up for two nights in a row. Guess it's just a mechanics issue. Deal with it.
  23. Only because we haven't flipped enough.. But that isn't a half bad idea. So you're saying that we should begin octaflipping at night and then no showing? EDIT: Just thinking.. the thread is called "Actions have consequenses".. lmao wonder what the consequence for no showing at hat island and putting dodge timers were? I really wonder....
  24. You can't force ppl to show for PBs, and how will you remove fx. the screening aspect? I don't believe there will be a solution and regardless, I'll find another way to ruin your gameplay experience. If you guys thought that I took kindly to you disrespecting us and no showing at Hat Island, well you made the playing field - I'll kick the ball.
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