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  1. You do know that the US didn't really have a navy in this timezone right? I don't wanna see fantasy ships ingame.
  2. US ships already in the game: USS Niagara Rattlesnake Prince de neufchatel USS Constitution USS United States ________ As to the germans, they didn't build that many ships and they already got the Wappen in game.
  3. I think we need to talk about the weather ingame. IF there really was this much rain in the carribean then there would be NO CRUISES in the carribean EVER! Shitty weather = no turists. And yet for some reason turism is the main industry of the carribean islands today..
  4. I can't really see where we've been disrespectfull towards HRE. As far as I know, ever since u left HRE they've been an honourable clan and I for one enjoyed the chat in the battle last night, even when they lost HRE showed greatness beyond your comprehension. As to tagging you, well I believe that if you say @rediii x3 in a mirror he shows... How do you know we're not secretly in love with you? All BOCAR just have an itch that just can't be scratched.. Cum on my swedish meatball, scratch my itch
  5. Well they don't have to worry about their PB fleet.. Even Denmark-Norway managed to annihilate them.
  6. Hear ye! Hear ye!! The axis of evil dastardly attacked the danish port of Pasaje on this day the 18th of February. The mad king sent orders from Copenhagen to try to hold the port used by freebooters to annoy and destroy swedish trade and supplies. The swedish fleet tried to screen out the danish defence fleet ensuring that two danish redoubtables was forced to join the engagement from the NE side of the island. The danish battlefleet was outnumbered and weakened by the loss of 20% of it's broadside weight for the beginning of the battle. The swedish PB commander failed to grasp the tactical opportunity to engage and defeat the danish-norwegian fleet in detail. TM2804 rushed to get into the battlefleet while Snuekatten Capt Kiilerich was forced to engage smaller targets attempting to take the port from the east side. The danish-norwegian fleet lost the wind due to an unfortunate switch in winds and for a while the battle was hanging in the balance. Thx to some fortunate turns and a couple of drunk swedish gunners who fired from poor angles, the tide turned and the danish-norwegian fleet survived the initial onslought. Captain @Gorgons managed to drag @DRASKON into a boarding and after some bloody heavy handed fighting on the decks the swede struck her colours and the battle was slowly but surely turning in favour of the danno-norwegian fleet. The mad admiral shouted inelligeble commands from the quarterdeck to his fleet, to the swedes and to the seagulls, this somehow managed to create some confusion in the lines of both the danno-norwegian and swedish fleet, the danno-norwegian fleet however got the better off the two fleets. The unfortunate Captain @Erik Eriksen was lost with his 84-gun Temeraire class ship and all hands lost. We salute his bravery, and the bravery of his crew. The swedish fleet was almost annihilated and Captain Black Crusader was allowed to leave the engagement and return to swedish waters so as to tell the story to the others. All hail the two kingdoms! All hail the kings dalmatians!! (Thank you to the swedes for a very fun battle (granted it's easier to say when you're winning) but especially thanks for a very nice athmosphere, polite chat and great fun. We wouldn't be playing the game if it wasn't for you!) Beginning of the battle: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001340402 Swedish fleet is trying to disengage and we run them down. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001340490 Black Crusader is "allowed" (we couldn't catch him) to leave the battle to tell the story. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001340548 The end of the battle screenshot. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=2001340622
  7. It's not exactly a new development. The two largest nations don't have the balls to lock horns and such prefers to beat on the smaller factions who, seeing they can't fend for themselves, turn to the "opposing" power. I think Spain and GB can agree that very little assistance is really that forthcoming when the PB fleets do show up.
  8. True actually.. hello kitty me I'm getting rusty.
  9. First three are easy enough, Christian, Redoubtable and Bellona. The second three are Implacable, arh Redoubtable and the Wasa. EDIT: Fun little game so here's a riddle: Mirror, mirror on the wall, who's the entitled boy from before? What's the matter rediii? Mad that you can't bully ppl when they can just buy a DLC and still be competitive? Now I'm not a huge fan of the british classifications, I believe someone once argued for the french classifications, regardless it's what we got and the powers to be classified the redoubtable as a 3rd rate. Since that is how it was sold - It cannot be changed.
  10. I can kill a redoubtable in a well crafted connie or wasa. 1v1 the redoubtable isn't better than any of the third rates so far mentioned, except ofc for the 3rd rate. But that has really always just been a placeholder.
  11. Just stay out of the patrol zones.. if they can't get content they'll end up leaving the game. Simple.
  12. How could someone dominate in an equal playing field? You have some factions who are quite outspoken against any sort of balance since they fear not being able to dominate as they do now.
  13. Roses are red, Violets are blue I'd love rediii dead, but these dubs are for you!
  14. There has never been a time where those who wish to impose their will upon others didn't declare "total" war when people stood up and said hello kitty you and hello kitty the cutter you sailed in on. I remember the one porting of the dutch. The confinement of the spanish into a "zone". The killing of the french nation. I remember the bad blood before release. Problem is in this game when a nation is down on its ass, ppl smell blood and go for the kill. In a fps game it makes sense. In a strategy game it makes sense IF there is a win scenario. Problem is in this game there is no win scenario. Problem is in this game there is no balance in the mechanics, why join a zerg nation? - Honestly why not? Your shipyard is safe, you can craft the best ships to get "I win" scenarios and brag to your friends even despite everyone can see on the streams that skill levels and tactical awareness is dropping, you can get access to the best modules to increase your advantage even further and so reduce the need for skills even further. Why not join a zerg nation?
  15. Even a broken clock shows the right time twice a day.
  16. I'd suggest wind highways, drop into a highway and get boost for as long as you stay inside the highway.. Drop out and u lose the boost.
  17. Just kill eachother ffs! Negotiations, peace offers, ultimatums.. All these are tools of the weak to curb the excesses of the strong. BURN IT ALL!
  18. Actually not in this thread.. in the forums perhaps, but I've still got plenty of posts in me in this thread!
  19. You want me in this thread! You NEED me in this thread!!
  20. It's actually only clan creator and diplomats that are able to set a port to neutral. If u've been sabotaged in that regard - then it's you who has invested trust in someone who shouldn't have it.
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