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  1. Question: Right now fortifications are some kind of a handicap for the defenders since they don't do much and they give 500 victory points to the attacker. As a port owner what's the incentive to me to just build any defenses at all? I rather not make any so I don't give up those points in a port battle.
  2. Thanks for correcting it whichever dev was.
  3. Yes, twice. I did everything correctly. And no I don't have any other character in this steam account.
  4. Sure, never done it. I played this game 2 years ago when it was released and I don't recall the tutorial being implemented then. I also know it cause just before I did the ENDURANCE exam (lol) and it worked properly and I got the rewards from it. Then the final, twice... nothing.
  5. EU server PVP. Date: 26/01/2019 Account: ENDURANCE Today I spent around 3 hours doing the final (2x cerberus one) exam between 21:00 to 00:00. I passed it once and it didn't count for some kind of bug, no rewards and not shown as completed in the Tutorial interface. Thought "eh, a bug what you gonna do" and did it again. After another hour, same result, finished the exam, no rewards not shown as completed. Please, I don't want to do the exam again, its already hard and annoying enough to do it to have to repeat it without knowing if the game is gonna bug and not aknowledge
  6. Pues aquí el segundo vídeo de los que prometí y el que más me han solicitado sobre como usar las velas manualmente. Espero que os guste y sobre todo, que os sea de utilidad. Si es así, dejad un comentario o al menos un like que estos tutoriales llevan un ojó de horas de edición y de cuelgues del Sony Vegas (voy a envejecer antes de tiempo por culpa de ese puto programa) Salu2! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08uWbNxzrjo
  7. Pues aquí va la primera de una serie de guías que pretendo hacer para el naval action. Espero que os guste y si no que por lo menos os sea de utilidad https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n49Z_9Bz1Ao Un saludo capitanes!
  8. So here is the first guide of a group im going to do about this game. In spanish cause there is a lack of Naval Action guides in this language. n49Z_9Bz1Ao
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