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  1. lol You might be projecting here, mate.
  2. I am reiterating my one as well. Since the target isn't easily reached by French any more, I'm expanding the rules of engagement to all countries, and 2v1
  3. 500 000 on Dutch - Jack Frost Sank or captured Has to be by a French captain, both 4th rate or above, in 1v1.
  4. I've met some of yours in battles recently. Good chaps, hat off to them
  5. Lord Vicious, it's funny you'd be bragging about something like this - you jump on a guy in a relatively small ship in your huge-ass ships and superior numbers, and he halfway sinks one of you. This seems to be more of an opportunity for some humility and not bragging . On a more interesting note - Prater, is your video publicly available?
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