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  1. so... if you make one server people will play on it regardless of the port battle timers? that's what i'm taking away from what you just said. so again... why bother changing it from the current form? if people will play on it anyway not caring about the PB timers. I see no reason to change it. my original solution does appease many of the players of naval action. but not all. and as seen, people want structured port battle timers. personally, I could care less what the timers are as long as the window that which I need to defend my port for is no less then 4 hours and no greater then 6 hours. but giving players total freedom to set their port timers to whatever they want will not work. we tried that and i'm sure numerous players have spoken about this.
  2. try to accommodate everyone and all you'll do is piss off everyone. its a no win situation. why do you think EU is doing alright?
  3. what I want to say.... sorry, did not take the time to wade through the lame posts in this thread. simple solution, stop playing on the global server, come play on the EU server. Problem solved. no merge need, no special set ups for port battles needed. all done. what I should say.... if a server merge is to happen, and there is going to be a 24 port battle clock. this game will end. period. so, we have to have a structured port battle window that helps make it viable for people around to world or most of the world to be able to compete in RvR. My suggestion, have 2 port battle windows. the current window is 5pm-10pm UK time. I suggest a slight change to this. make it 5pm-11pm UK time. then add a second window from 10pm-4am UK time. Upon capture of the port the owning clan may set the port battle window to which ever one they prefer. also i'd suggest not allowing for port battles for 1-2 days of the week. my suggestion would be Monday and Tuesday.
  4. no point in limiting chain if you're limiting repairs as well.
  5. back to the old way eh... make changes to the game and then NOT publish those said changes.... losing faith again.
  6. I'm still waiting for the patch notes. find it kind of sad they make changes and don't tell anyone what they were.
  7. I see i'm not the only one looking for patch notes
  8. yeah, i'd like to read the update notes for today.
  9. this fellow makes some great points. however, I myself, am a pve expert. that's all I do. I rarely go pvping and when I do it is cause a friend is in trouble and needs help. I play on a pvp server. I trade, and do missions. that is it. I have a group of people I play with and mostly do the same thing. once in awhile I go to a port battle. I have limited or no access to pvp marks but i'm sure they will start going on sale when people have their fill. at which point i'm sure i'll be able to buy them. I agree with Demsity. probably better off on a pvp server if you are looking for that additional content.
  10. randommexi

    Open world

    Kids these days. Mods don't make the difference, skill does. I bet I could give you all the best mods in the game and I could go and fight you with no mods and win. in the same ship you have. PVP winners are dictated by skill not mods.
  11. sorry didn't take the time to read all the posts. The speed meta is kinda ridiculous. things I like about speed mods, things like stay sails, knowledge skill that buffs upwind and reduces downwind and has a crew penalty to sailing. that is balance. things I don't like about speed mods. crooked hull, speed bonus lose armor? who cares about armor you cant hit what you cant catch! same for bovenwinds, straight buff almost no penalty. something I think that could solve some problems. A speed cap based off of ship rate. so for example, 7th rates have a speed cap of 16knots. 6th rates have a speed cap of 15.7knots. 5th rates 15.5 knots. 4th rates 15 knots. 3rd rates 14 knots. 2nd rates 13 knots. 1st rates 12 knots. or whatever numbers everyone else thinks is good. that way big ships go slow, small ships go fast. combine something like that with an overhaul on the speed mods. and we might have something. just a suggestion, take it or leave it. I could care less about the speed meta in pvp. after all 90% of pvp is ganking anyway.
  12. randommexi

    Open world

    1 - clearly aimed at seal clubbing... 2 - yes first rates and 7th rates should be equal.... #endsarcasm 3 - too long? nah, any shorter and you wouldn't have much time to react. when you really would have a lot of time to react. 4 - I agree. 5 - rewards are fine. just stop clubbing little ships near KPR 6 - already being address. Admin said there are going to be changes. 7 - NO idea what this is supposed to mean. 8 - Too few? no, too many. should be zero. or if they want more, back to no teleporting to them. 9 - it could be worse, removing it all together would be silly. 10 - I don't know what you're aiming for with this statement. 11 - ... where is the many more? this list of "problems" doesn't seem like its important to me.
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