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  1. It means that your cannons aim in their default direction and you cannot aim them up/down or left/right. I could aim the reticle but the cannons didn't follow. I will record it and report it as a bug if it happens again. It happend in a trader that had cannons because i forgot to remove them but had it happened in a real combat it could have been frustrating, to say the least.
  2. It is a little bit suspicious to be honest. It happened with the same player in two occasions; never happened with anyone else. If admins can confirm this is not a thing i can give them the name so they can keep an eye on any potential hack.
  3. Today i got intercepted twice by a requin in a trader brig with another one in fleet. The isue is that my aim was locked both times and the enemy player's tag was in blue. Nobody i ask knows anything about how this happens so if someone can throw some light into this i thank him in advance.
  4. I imagine most participants will be concerned about the lord protector points since victory marks are now spent at a greater rate.
  5. What about Tampico and La Desconocida. Captured 31 of October between 17 and 21 hours and remain as if nothing happened. The battle instances were clearly manually terminated at reset time but still no transfer of ownership, no reward, nothing.
  6. Well, you would have a 4th rate to fight the PB but you would be forced to have a 5th in case of a raid when you also need a 6th if there is a shallow. Just too much ;-)
  7. Too many types of ships to keep ready in order to be able to defend then. Maybe it was a mistake to set the middle PB for 4th instead of 5th, with more variety of ships, but I am more in favor of BR caps so that bringing a lower tier ship doesn't count the same and you have a little more flexibility. It requires organisation but with current system you can have randoms with wrong ship too so organisation ois required in both cases.
  8. That just happens too often being just random new players to be souspicius.
  9. Could you make an option to make private contracts within your clan and add an option in the shop to switch to clan contracts so clans can do internal trade without the need to arrange a meeting everytime. I like that you cannot close deals while not in the same port and clans could make good use of private contracts to buy resources internally at a reasonable prize.
  10. You have never, ever, tried to help Spain in any way but keep up with the bullshit.
  11. Ayer se defendió Mantua con masivos números por nuestra parte, tenían barcos mejores pero se les hostigó durante horas y se volverá a hacer todas las veces que haga falta y nos cueste lo que nos cueste. El PVP1 se está organizando contra los Británicos por sus continuas manipulaciones contra las facciones pequeñas y salvo los US que de momento están más interesados en mantener su pacto de no agresión con los Británicos los aliados franceses y suecos ya se han unido a la guerra, no nos podemos rendir ahora, somos un grano en el culo para los británicos y debemos hacer todo lo que podamos para hostigarles mientras otras facciones consolidan posiciones de ofensiva. Tened en cuenta que los Británicos suponen una parte importante de los jugadores del PVP1 y es lógico que el resto nos unamos contra ellos para evitar que 1 a 1 nos hagan lo mismo que nos están haciendo a nosotros. Recordad, nuestros aliados son los Franceses y los Suecos, son los únicos fiables y bien intencionados. Si los Holandeses deciden unirse también tenemos buen concepto de ellos por las batallas pasadas aunque todavía no está claro si se decantan por confiar en los Británicos o reberlarse contra ellos.
  12. +10000 Is the leader of the Sea Liars R N after the world record of forum messages or what?
  13. It's funny how even when winning you are so desperate to keep up the lies about being the victims of an agression.
  14. Will we be able to crew broadsides independently or will it be a balanced distribution allways?
  15. I like the idea of kill/rout points instead of BR to decide the battle, that way we would certainly get rid of biggest ship meta as it is riskier to bring a ship you cannot crew into the fight if it can make you lose more points. The battle circle mechanic should be more aggressive then to force players into the fight or out of it but it certainly seems more interesting.
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