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  1. This could be exploited by traders who are doing long trips far away from home to bypass a hostile nations water.
  2. I think if your in a hostile region the game should not allow you to log out until you are in international waters. To stop the alt F4 players your ship should remain in game until it is in international waters or sunk. I also think we should also address the post battle screen campers as well.
  3. I have had the same thing happen. Although I had 2 ships 1 gold teak buc and 1 gold LO buc and the LO buc got turned into a mastercraft one while the other one is still gold. I had only 1 other ship get turned to MC. it makes no sense.
  4. With the introduction to flat mission monetary payout rates strictly for the mission completion. I have started to wonder what they could do to both make missions better for entry level players through higher rank players. I strongly believe missions should not be given the same payout as not all missions are equal in difficulty. Because of this I would like to propose the fallowing. Monetary & Xp -Mission payout scaling based on ranks -Different payouts for different difficulty missions within a ranked mission. For example: A midshipman mission where you face a lynx should not payout the same mission complete payout as a cutter or privateer. This also goes with facing two AI in missions Mission variation -Be able to choose the difficulty of a mission for a particular rank to better manage risk to reward -Create harder missions with increased payout but with increased reward. For example such a mission would field 5-10 enemy AI with varying ships where a fleet is required to complete the mission. These missions could take place closer to enemy location greatly increasing the odds of enemy players dropping into your battle. -Missions requiring you to capture the enemy vessel an sail it to the port that the mission was accepted at(Send to port option, only for the required captured vessel, and teleport option should be disabled after accepting this type of mission) -Trade missions where your given an item called parcels or "goods" that can not be sold or traded. Then required to deliver to a specific neutral or a port owned by your faction that is not contested in conquest. These items should be able to be stolen by an enemy nation and sold in the mission tab for its value (the mission payout). My ideas no not take into the count for Xp and Gold earned from damaging enemy ships. I believe that is a totally separate mechanic than the strict payout of the rewards for completing a mission and should remain separate. I hope these suggestions can give the Developers ideas of strengthening the mission aspects of the game. Further encouraging players to gain experience in combat and striving to take on harder challenges for those greater rewards.
  5. I personally think the flat rate hinders the economy. I am just enough of a level to only get the 5k gold but I have hardly any gold from previous grinding. Due to the servers being down I had missed the 11k profits from missions but missions take me 15-20 minutes or if you count the 15 minutes it takes to re-dock and repair time. I am grateful for the bonus of 2k gold what I was getting before on missions, but i see this flat rate hurting higher ranked players as they might struggle to pay for repairs after a mission. which nerfs higher level missions the only other way I know of making lots of gold is sitting in a port all day waiting for good deals. So i don't see why missions received a flat rate, but I do agree the 11k was a bit high, I think the pay out rate should still increase with rank.
  6. 1) I had this only happen once, but my ship blew up right after getting hit with 1 cannon ball from an AI ship. My ship did not catch fire it only blew up. I reported it just in case it was a bug as I had never seen a ship explode without being on fire. 2) sometimes accepting missions will send you on the other side of a island. It annoyed me back when I first started playing as I did not quite have a handle on the basics so maybe lower level missions should try and be focused closed to the port the mission was issued. 3) Newer players joining mission battles thinking the battle is a random battle. I know it is a known bug but maybe a pop up message letting them know its a mission battle and joining might annoy the person in the mission if they join.
  7. Today I had been shot while roughly mid armor in my Niagara, in which I just blew up. I had no fire and I had just came out of survival into gunnery. Though I too have noticed more fires recently but I had never just exploded or seen a ship explode without being on fire for a short time.
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