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  1. This cannot be Considered remedy/response to the current, ethical climate in the US. I cannot believe this 'inside-the-box', cut and run response from Apple. -Louis.
  2. With all the International support that this game has; shouldn't we band together and bombard Apple with complaints? -Louis.
  3. First, I have always Loved this Game! [i have been a tester for about 2 years.] Nick Thomadis’ early premise for a New RTS game with a Super DarthMod AI was both Inspiring and Exciting. [A premise that Nick and his Team have worked very hard to make a Reality for all his fans.] ‘Inspiring’ because of Nick’s Bold and Principled response to the Shabby treatment Nick got from Creative Assembly as their Lead Modder. ‘Exciting’ because Nick’s idea for a New RTS game would have the Iconic DarthMod AI and Atmosphere, and it would add a ‘4th Day’ to the historic Gettysburg Battle. [The ‘4t
  4. This is the best version of UG:G Ever! The beta versions were super. I am very happy to report that my Windows 8.1 system has Not had Any Freezes since October 15th [v0.97 rev 6323 was the fix] ‘Sterner’ said that my problem was in the sound/music system… I do have an unrelated, consistent problem with UG:G [v0.97 rev 6323 through 1.01, November 16th version] Map Resolution and Legibility: The problem is very Distracting and Troublesome when playing on my 40” HDTV in 1080p. - Map Resolution and Legibility is very good on my 19” monitor; while I’m 3’ from the screen. -When I put the
  5. I am pleased with this idea; up to a point. A ground breaking, successful game should be expanded. More campaigns; perhaps even to expand the player's scope from the tactical [4 days at Gettysburg] to the strategic [American Civil War: 1861-1865]. The strategic game could run with surprise 'pop-up' battles. [Cold Harbor or Fredericksburg] However, David Fair has taken great pains to explain to me that the American, 19th Century systems of military recruitment/training were semi-corrupt on the State level and entirely inefficient on the Federal level. It took over a year to train r
  6. Yeah, I think my problem is my new SSD; it's within 16Gbs to being full. ETW DarthMod is getting a little claggy too...
  7. Ultimate General Gettysburg is a super, Super game. The AI is truly Ground Breaking for this genre! UGG is an island of brilliant, strategic Action in an ocean of prosaic "shoot-em-ups" and car crashes. However, over the past year my 1 Running critique has been the "victory" system. No matter if it is a "Historical" game or a "Custom" game; it is Still Gettysburg during the American Civil War... General Lee's strategy and ambitions are well stated above. Lincoln's early strategy for the War was embodied by General Grant's actions as Commander of the Union Army, late in the War. Neithe
  8. I don't know what is going on... I bought UGG through Steam weeks ago. So, I should get the latest patch when I open the game. Right? So, today I open UGG, and it still will not give me "Day 4"; fine, it's coming, later. I select "Day 3" the menu is claggy and stutters. I'm Union Forces. From the 1st; the game freezes and stutters; every 30 seconds! This is the worst that I have seen. The game is Unplayable. I am switching to ETW DarthMod; maybe my pc is messed up. Not likely, because it has been Ok all day.
  9. This has always been the basis of my Union Army strategy in UGG; Bleed the CSA and Delay the CSA. Lose what troops it takes, but maintain a force In Front of them! The Union Army has a Bigger force coming. (They know this.) I order my Union Forces to Fall back, give a ridge, hold a ridge, Hold Flanks, maintain Contact and keep the rear secure! It's Pennsylvania hill country. It's like Stalingrad! There is Alway another ridge. But, Hour after Hour of game-play the AI tells me that I am losing! Because I failed to hold XY Hill! I do not understand this game logic. For the CSA to
  10. I Love this idea! Battles Within the battle! It would be a Huge, whole other layer; but a Super Idea for an UGG "add-on"! Oh Yes, the 20th Maine on Little Round Top!
  11. The game is getting better and more Super. The game-play is Fast and Intense! The AI is Spectacular! ETW and NTW players Wish they had AI like This! One problem; I bought the game from Steam and I still can not play "Day 4". Also, I have several problems with the game-play; all of which could be solved with a Small Radar Window. 1) I can not find my generals during battle. 2) Moving around the battlefield is "Claggy". I have a good system with 6GB of memory, a 20 inch monitor and a top tier graphics card. I am using a keyboard and a mouse. But I can not "Flit" from my left
  12. It seems that earlier versions of UGG had more pronounced terrain gradations. The LoS "blackout" is not a good overall guide to terrain highs and lows. "Lighter" is "Higher" and "Darker" is "Lower". Vertical lines are "Cliffs"; go around them.
  13. Yeah, I like this too. Even Though it is a small map; it does not fit 100% on my screen. In the heat of battle; I can not be bothered with 6 or 12 words of text as a noticed of reinforcements. I am dyslexic, and while fighting on a map; I become Very Dyslexic! A mini-map would work for me.
  14. After reading most of the Forum's comments; I like Imperial Dane's the best! Number 1; it is concise. And his insights reflect my take on this issue. Yeah, limited ammo is a big deal for "real-play" vs "game-play" AI problems/issues. I like Imperial Dane's suggestion that "limit ammo" could be an Additional layer or improvement, Later. It's almost July, Nick and his team have their eyes on the Prize; KISS is an important principle.
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