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  1. Sail with us ye skallywag! http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/9456-bspx-black-skull-pyrates/
  2. Hi, I'm currently searching for a clan to join, so thought I'd see if there's a clan recruitment forum on here but there isn't... So I'd like to suggest one. This could just be another forum called Clan Discussion/Recruitment where clans can create threads to advertise their clan. This will help clans grow and new players easier to join a clan and progress into the game easier. Thanks.
  3. Personally I think everything should be wiped except of course your character as people won't want their names being stolen.
  4. I'd say no to neutral for many reasons which I'm sure have been covered by other people in this thread. As for characters per account, at least 3 is ideal. Once I build up a good character with pirates I'd like to create a new one as british or something so I can experience multiple factions.
  5. Yes, it may add a nice touch, however there definitely should be telling you what the server is when you hover over the server, otherwise how would new people know what server they're joining? Just telling you what type of server it is when you hover over it would be fine I think. Good suggestion, support.
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