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  1. Especially when your nation is currently a burning pile of garbage
  2. There is a certain thrill in clicking the delete button, watching all your hard work going down the drain and having to start from scratch.
  3. Want to change nation but can't decide on where to go, don't fret. Use this tool I quickly spun up. https://wordwall.net/resource/1610092 Have fun in your new nation!
  4. I couldn't open the duel screenshot, only the single one. Still there's a lot of evidence pointing to it being an incident and not a deliberate team-kill.
  5. So you're complaining that you collided with someone's vessel and got capsized, it looks like from the chat that you both accidentally crossed paths and the bigger of the two ships won. He said sorry in chat and he was trying to tell you that if you were in their voice client they were using for the assault that an accident like this most likely would've been avoided. Also as stated above he said he tried to turn to avoid you but big ships don't turn all that fast. Secondly, if I was there I probably would've laughed because it was an unfortunate incident, not because I wanted to make fun of
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