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  1. I always saw the pirates were doing it all wrong...they gave up piracy to become a nation which the game does not encourange...at last we will be forced to being real pirates. For fucks sake man up and cause chaos for once
  2. Is the Pirate Friggate craftable? If so is it locked to basic? I am yet to see a higher tier one out there. Please let me know
  3. Server / Nation: PvP2 / Pirates Clan Name / Tag: Black Sails / BLKS In-game names: Roberto de Castilla, Julio Ortega, David Batista, and Alan Garcia Languages: English, Spanish What we do: Cut throats and pillage we don't want to be part of a nation, we are pirates, we make our own rules. We are a new clan too (most of us are deserters from Spain) so there is room for new officers. At the moment we are using Discord as a means of communication, it is similar to Team Speak 3 but its free this little app is a must if you want to join us, you do not require a mic but just be abl
  4. Welcome to la Habana captain. If interested in clans ask for either ARF or LDM we are as of now the biggest clans of spain and are collaborating with each other
  5. If you switch you keep the xp which is really what matters. You would loose the rest but whats important is the xp because if you join a clan they are most likely get you set up anyways so yes please do switch i encourage you to do so. There is a variety of nations to choose from. Thanks you.
  6. At this time like i mentioned before, any nation but the USA will do the trick. All nations have clans that use voice based chat.
  7. This thread is not aiming to accuse anyone of anything. I do not want players to join a specific nation, but to join anything but the US. Look the games on development now is the time to get dedicated players and to have people enjoy the game and not leave with only 10 hrs put into it, and this pop issue is not helping. In the long run it hurts both sides because the overpopulated side will feel that there is no opposition and will at some point loose interest. As of now the best way to balance out the power is to even out the pop and it has to come from the player itself not the devs limiting
  8. Its not even just the nations u mentioned, all nations are underpopulated. Lets just hope for people to not ruin the game and even it out.
  9. As of now the USA has almost if not more than half the population of the server. If this keeps up the game will just die since there's no balance in the nations. Please this game is a great game and even loosing a battle feels satisfying, don't let it die by joining the USA and ruining the game. Join other nations.
  10. You can say whatever u want in this forum. The fact is that thyve been provoking Spain for a week now.And the raid have never stopped. Yes we are the victims. We are a much smaller nation who is being poked by the biggest. But u know what fuck it better be sunk in a big fucking fight than in stupid gangs. I just hope for other nations to wake the fuck up and see where were all heading towards. Good Sailing Captains
  11. niceee. loving this stuff keep it up man
  12. Hostility??? ive been trying to stop aggretion from US players around Cuba and all i get in return r more spanish vessels sunk while doin missions. I specially have tried to solve this diplomatically, been at it for the past week now. If SOL wants their dam pvp thrill theyll have it.
  13. well at this point only one thing is left to clarify. Any Spanish action towards the US will be solely targetting SOL. We do not consider US as a whole to be aggresive but a handful of players. SOL keep off our watters or the Santa Inquisision vendra a por vosotros uve been warned
  14. this is the thing. noob or not ur attacking spanish players in the shores of cuba. we agreed we would stop any further aggretion so i suggest u drop it already cuz in any case u r the ones attacking us noobs or not.
  15. Thanks for clarifying the facts, I can corroborate that. Spain is not the big clans and the randoms do what randoms do best. that does however not have to cause to clans to start a war and by the way we (ARF mainly) were as you pointed defending our shores and our Spaniards just as you were defending your people. Anyways in any case ARF hostilities are focused on SOL since they have been annoying our people. I would however advice that no US vessels goes near the shores of Cuba, since there has been a lot of hostilities in this few days we are more inclined to shoot and ask afterwards. And as
  16. Agreed. Regarding the geopolitical situation ill be updating as things come up. For now good hunting
  17. I know you guys just wanna do some pvp and thats cool and yes we like to engage in fights too but people are trying to do missions around cuba and that is no open ocean...Good fight yesterday btw u put up a fight. But majority of the players u were fighting in the 10v20 were ARF or LDM no newbies...the newbs that were doing missions and were ganged by ur fleet where complaining in nation chat that was why we had to come defend them in the first place...if u want fair and friendly skrimish u can contact me anytime and ill do my best to assable a fleet and do our best to crush yours .. but yeah
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